2 Big Shows this Week!

Before I get into the shows this week, I wanted to vent about a shitty thing that happened last night. So, I was hanging with my buddy til pretty late. When I got to my car to drive home, I see that one side of my car was lower than usual. I look and one of my tires were slashed.

Changing a flat tire is a bitch at any time of the day, but its quite possible the worst in the middle of the night. If by some chance, the one responsible for my slashed tire reads this, I want I hope you go kill yourself. Thanks…

Ok now onto some my shows for the week.


I got booked to a show at the Spotlight Comedy Club. Its a club in Studio City. Its my first time there and I need your help. It would help out greatly if yall can come through to the show.



Produced by Spotlight Comedy Club
Time: 7:30-9:30PM
Cost: $10 (+1 Item Minimum)

The Spotlight Comedy Club is located inside the Aura Nightclub

12215 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604-2533
(818) 487-1488

I dunno the full line up but my buddy Rajiv is gonna be there as well! If you dont know this dude you are missing out. Dude has opened for a lot comics including Russell Peters, Jo Koy, Kevin Nealon, and plenty more. Check it out holmes! www.funnyindian.com for info on Rajiv
“The Spotlight Comedy Club features 2 hours of Laugh Out Loud comedy. The show features an array of comedy personalities, including both professional and young talent. The show is a high pace and high energy show, so be prepared to laugh hard.”


Click on the Image for Tickets. Its gonna be an awesome show and there is going to be a Special Superstar Guests!!! Get your tickets quick cuz they gonna sell out soon!


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