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This has been bugging me for quite some time so I figure I should let it all out before it drives me insane. I feel like it is safe to say that men generally are not fond of materialistic gold diggers. And when you think of those terms, you think of that chick Donald Sterling got fucked over by. Or any of Tiger’s mistresses. Or any of these thousands and thousands of stories of gold digging cunts all across the world. And yes there are varying degrees of it but I personally believe every girl has a bit of materialism in them. Now ladies, before you get all crazy. Give me some time to explain.

If a man wanted to live just for himself, meaning just to survive, he would live like me. I can pay all my bills, I live in an apartment, have a car that rarely gives me problems, could eat whatever the hell he wants, and just give a shit about what he wants to give a shit about. This is us when we aren’t trying to impress anyone. I am personally happy with doing the best that I can doing what I do.

But unfortunately, me as a human being and as a man, can’t live like this forever. It is meaningless to life like this . So we try to work to get a house. Make decent money, don’t dress like a bum, and basically peacock my way into getting a girl and hopefully I trust her enough to give her everything I got.

This part obviously is not news but here is what I mean but every girl is materialistic. Let’s say you (lady) have a job. Can pay all your bills, apartment, car, etc. You can eat and do whatever the fuck you like by yourself. You can pamper yourself. But you too as a human being cant live like that forever.

Let me give you an example.

Say Charlie and Betty have mediocre jobs. Make mediocre money (let’s say 50k/yr max). They are surviving just fine alone. Now lets say Charlie and Betty met, and they like/love each other just fine. But now after some time passes by BOTH Charlie and Betty will assess whether their significant other is that forever type of person.

Now ideally if Charlie can survive and Betty can survive, then living together means they can both survive and ideally spend less money. So meaning that they as a couple can save money to do couple shit together (Vacations, House, Children, etc.)

Now here is where it gets tricky. When you start thinking about kids of course they cost money. Maybe 100k a year wont cut it. But lets really really think about this. Is it not possible to raise your kid in a not so great neighborhood? Yes you want to give your child the best, but I also believe raising a good child aint got anything to do with money. Do you really need to live in a house? DO you really need to own the property? Ideally you want it all but it is truly not necessarily.

So yes as a man and as a parent, the guy wants to provide more than what the family really needs but due to a woman’s innate materialism, Charlie and Betty most likely wont work out. Let’s be honest, even if you aren’t an outward gold digger, you want to be elevated in life by your man. Of course you want to get married and go into a house that he/ both of you own. Of course you want to marry a man who you can trust will not just provide but go beyond to fulfill your materialistic needs. And yes, most guys want to be able to fulfill more just providing the necessities but it definitely shouldn’t be a given. And when it IS given, it should be appreciated.

In this day and age when men and women are supposed to be equal, these concepts of expecting the man to provide truly doesn’t go with the concept of equality. This shit aint equal.

But given that I am a super realist, I know that I wont change the minds of girls in this respect. And most men wont change women’s minds on such entitlement. So we suck it up, but that leads to couples that never get married but are together for a long time. Given that men don’t want to give half of themselves, to someone they can truly trust.

Because I truly believe the majority of women believe like this:

You take all your partners traits, except wealth. Now if you evaluate the pros and cons, there will be a lot of guys that make the passing grade. Hell you might love the shit of your partner. But I am sure you have “loved” more than one person in your life. So that means a handful of fools qualified in that test. Now lets say ladies you have 4 dudes all different but all you love. How do you chose who you will pick to be that dude that you will be willing to deal with. I truly believe wealth plays a factor into your calculations after the personality and family tests. You don’t want to be downgraded in position obviously. You want to be elevated. You want the dude that makes enough money where you know that you and your family will be FINANCIALLY taken care of. Notice I didn’t say emotionally, and or physically taken care of.

A guy will chose based on who is the most down for him. If girls are equally down, then they will go for better looking.

So when I say this, most women will point out that men too are superficial. All we want to do is fuck the nice ass, big tits, hot girl. But you gotta understand that’s our biology. All male animals want that delicious ass or whatever that makes an animal horny. We can’t help that that’s what turns us on. I believe a handful of comics have stated that money is a man’s pussy. I agree except for the fact that we want pussy because it is in our DNA while womens want money is not biology. It’s taught through generations and generations of programming.

Yes there are definitely are exceptions. I am sure that there are strong women that love and marry a dude and is willing to really ride it out really through hell and back. And I salute all you girls like that. Because you are willing to work for elevation with your man, not because of your man. And you are truly in love with that guy. But them chicks are unicorns.

But if you are trying to get the easy life then of course you are going to treat you like shit. Because that is what we men think of you.
If I am directly or indirectly spending my money to get your pussy and you don’t appreciate it, we aren’t gonna love you to the degree that you ideally want.

So my point in all of this is that men, know that to a certain extent, you are all imbedded with some sort of yearning for more than necessary. You want a cool easy life. But life isn’t supposed to be easy. Its going to be fucking hard. And even if the guy will suck it and try his damn best to provide, you gotta know that he is going against what HE wants to do. You gotta appreciate that he is trying to make you happy. You gotta appreciate him for staying with your imperfect ass just as much as he has to appreciate you for that same reason. That’s why when a girl gets a dude a gift and its more meaningful to the guy because we know you don’t have to and you thought of us.

And if you don’t mind still being a bit materialistic and still want to find a man. Do me a favor and figure out how he is going to love you past what you look like currently when you still got it. Because at 55 both of yall will be unfuckable. Trust me, a lot of you materialistic girls really have nothing more to offer than your hot 20s, sexy early 30s, and meh 35-45. And that’s biology too I guess. You need to prove you are worth receiving a man’s lively hood.

Again if it helps, we try to guard our freedom/bachelor happiness like you guard your pussy. Except you are fighting science and we are fighting embedded behavior. That’s why its harder for dudes because we have to always fight it.

And please don’t give me the physically weaker species stance because if that is the case than you cannot be considered equal and then it makes men go fuck it, I can always find another dumb 20 year old. And again this endless cycle of non accountable girls and shitty douchebags that “buy” their trophy wife occurs.

At the end of the day, I am trying to explain a possible solution but ladies the change needs to come collectively from you.

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In this week’s episode, we have Comedian/Actress Aiko Tanaka on as a guest.


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Denkym talks about messing with a sloppy drunk,

Answering a listener’s email,

Danny was a victim of a gold digger at 13,

Aiko’s encounter with Steven Seagal,

Aiko’s Soul Train Story.

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After Danny whooped on Headright in NBA 2k14 the boys meet up to record.


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Denkym’s recent shroom adventure,

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The boys sit down after Danny and Denkym came back from SXSW.


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The boys are joined by our friend Joann. This episode like most others is dominated by sex talk.


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