Badass Asians of All Time #2

Yogendra Singh Yadav

Now when you think of Indian folks, you probably don’t think of badass. I blame the spelling bee and the Simpsons for that. However once you know about this guy, you might sing a different tune.

Yogengra Singh Yadav was a member of an Indian grenadier battalion during a war with Pakistan in 1999. You see if you know a little about the news and history you should know that India and Pakistan fucking hate each other. This hate comes from a dispute of an area called Kashmir. I am not sure why they want that place so much but the fought because of it.

Pakistan did some asshole moves and started encroaching into India. They swallowed up some abandoned bunkers and next thing you know India’s army was surrounded. So the only option was to take back these bunkers and put the asshole Pakistanis back in their place. So this was the mission given to Yadav and his battalion:

The needed to climb Tiger Hill (was a big icy fucking mountain). They then needed to reclaim the bunkers that were taken from them at the top of this “Hill”. The problem is that they needed to climb a sheer hundred foot icy cliff. One guy had to go up and set up a rope system for the rest of the battalion to climb up. Yadav who had balls of steel volunteered and went up first.

As Yadav is climbing up this big ass treacherous snowcone, the enemies spotted Yadav and his homies and started opening fire. More than half of the battalion was killed including the commander. Yadav, got hit 3 times! Twice in the shoulder and once in the groin. As I said before this dude has balls of steel.

When he finally got to the top, the bunker that was right in front of him started shooting at him with machine guns. Like the crazy badass that he was, he ran toward the bullets. He threw a grenade into the bunker and killed everyone inside. As this happened, a second bunker started shooting at him, so being a consistent badass that he is, ran toward the bullets and jumped inside and did a lil mortal combat with these fools. Reports have said that a hadouken was thrown but that is just one report so know one knows for sure cept God, Yadav and the victims. He killed the men with his bar hands!

The rest of his squad was just looking at the one man killing machine and said “WTF, this dude is crazy!” They decided to help out and take over the third bunker in a matter of minutes.

Yadav got shot more times than 50 cent and didn’t really have to tell anyone how much of a gangsta he was. Yes I said it Yadav> 50 cent. For his pure awesomness, Yadav was awarded the Param Vir Chakra, India’s highest military award. He was awarded posthumously too. Funny because he was still alive. I guess the people at the top of India’s military didn’t believe that someone who did all this crazy shit could possibly be alive. Well the dude was and still is alive. The Param Vir Chakra is given for “rarest of the rare gallantry which is beyond the call of duty and which in normal life is considered impossible to do.” Pretty much you needed to be a superhero to get this award.

So here is to you Mr. Yadav. You are truly one of the most badass Asians of all time!