There is this video that is circulating around facebook about this kid that is being bullied and he thought about suicide and what not. And everyone is posting it up about how it’s a powerful video and what not. Here is the video just in case you are wondering…

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What the fuck is going on with kids of this generation? Why are they raised to be a bunch of fucking pussies? I wanna start off by saying I don’t condone bullying but if you are a victim them there is an easy fix to it. Punch the muthafucka in the throat.

I grew up being a minority amongst minorities. I needed to fight people physically and verbally to not get shat on every day. But that is how my parents raised me. My dad always said “Don’t start fights but if someone starts one with you then fucking kick his ass.” But now everyone is being coddled and going to therapy and all that other shit that really didn’t exist back when I was growing up. Don’t let yourself be a fucking victim and always hate themselves.  Your life aint that bad you fuckers. Plus if you think this is hard then you are in for a treat because life is way harder.

Let’s be honest, not that many people are happy in this world. My life is miserable and lonely,but you don’t see me trying to put a bullet through my skull.

What irks me about this whole thing is that the same people that post this video up are probably doing some bullying themselves. Every rumor you started or spread. All that shit talking you have done is a form of bullying. Yet a lot of yall put up the video for the sake of looking righteous or something. Really? Is it that moving? That it compelled you to put it on your facebook so all your “friends” can see how much of a nice person you are. You are probably a shitty human being as well that would call someone a fag, douche, asshole, slut, whore, etc.

I believe everyone is fucked up to a certain degree. You know that feeling when you hear a fucked up joke and you feel bad for laughing? That’s because you a bit of scum in you. So stop trying to hide all that shit and put up some shitty song lyric, poem, quote, or video to make yourself look like a nice person.

And for the kids being bullied stick up for yourself dammit. No one likes who they are. No one is really proud of where they are at in life. Trust me.

I just want everyone to be real with themselves and the younger generation to stop victimizing themselves.