Comedy Zen

My Buddy, Johnny Chung, put together another comedy zen show. I met Johnny, many years ago and he actually got me on the Comedy Zen show on Imaginasian TV. I guess it is still airing because people still say they see it.

Anyways, this show will be awesome and lots of important people will be in attendance. From representatives from HBO, Comedy Central, and many TV execs to people from film production groups and the weinstein group will be there. Pretty much, it would be awesome to have a packed house. So please help us out.


The line up is damn awesome. Sugar Sammy is killing it in Canada and Dwayne and I have worked many times and is one of my favorite comics. I have many great things about Edwin. So its a fun show.

To by tickets, please go to

I know the tickets 20 bucks but if you add promo code “CHO”, the tickets will be 15 bucks! Please help me out!