Community Service Saturday!

Before I talk about my community service events, let me start you off with a picture that made me laugh…


This past Saturday, I had 2 gigs that were of the community service, charity kind. Both were damn weird.

The first one was for this drug rehab center. I thought it was going to be like rich white folks that were into good drugs like coke but it wasnt. The event was at the dining hall of this rehab center. I get there and outside there are like 50 people smoking ciggarettes. Newports or GPCs. The room was fairly packed but these people looked like they were strung out on something. Just weird. Lots of dead eyes looking at me because I was the only asian in the building. Hell I think I was the only asian in the city.

The comic that went up after me wasnt really telling jokes. He was doing a testimonial on his problems with drugs. It was actually pretty damn good. After that, I get on stage and I was lucky that people just thought I was funny from the get-go. I swear, I was telling some foul shit and they just ate it up. I was relieved. I dont really perform before 7PM but my gig was at 4PM. The sun was out, people werent drunk. But I got outta there doing intact.  After that I rolled to my next gig. Thinking that it too would be a decent gig. Boy was I wrong.

The next gig was for Its an organization that wants to stop children’s poverty/hunger. Its a good cause although I thought it was funny that a fat guy like myself is doing a show about world hunger. My buddy Walter booked me for the gig and so I figured he knew my comedy and what type of audience and setting would be ideal. Sometimes, I am disappointed by friends.


I am totally upset at the venue and setting. Walter is trying to say I am going to kill it. Asshole!

The venue was right outside a Starbucks in Fullerton. I have performed at coffee houses in the beginning of my career. But right outside Starbucks is a new thing. Its a worse thing. To make matters worse, there was only 10 middle school kids in the audience. You dont believe me?

oneorg2The Umbrella says it all…

That was definitely not the highlight of my career. Oh well, it was for community service and a good cause. But never again will I perform in front of a Starbucks!


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