Danny Cho in Irvine?! No way…

Before I get to my usual rant about something crazy I just wanted to invite everyone to a show I will be at. It will be at the Irvine Improv.



June 20th (11pm)


Irvine Improv

71 Fortune Drive.

Irvine, CA


Because the show is gonna be awesome.

And for all you cheap asses:

Get on the guest list by hitting up Black Mike at slantedcomedy@yahoo.com Be sure to leave your first and last name plus number of guests. First 50 to respond will get FREE admission so act now!!!

So now that I got that shit out the way, I have been thinking about prostitution recently. I am sure this one will be foul and lots of people will disagree with me but I dont really care. So here is the deal:

I am not against prostitution. If a girl wants to make money through sex then so be it. Sure if you are a sex slave like the asian massage parlor girls, then its a problem. But if they really wanna get their hustle and aids on then so be it. Here is why I am for legalizing prostitution: Sometimes significant others or booty calls are annoying. From my experiences, there are times when I dont give a fuck how your shitty day and life are going. I just dont need to hear how Jenny was a bitch to you, or how your dog died last year and you saw a dog just like that one and  you started crying. I dont need to hear about the movies you like and which celebrity you find annoying or ugly.

Sometimes a guy just  wants to put a penis in a vagina. No questions asked. Sure this sucks out the romantic aspect of sex but sometimes its just a need that needs to be fullfilled. No need to cuddle afterwards, no need to worry about morning breath the morning after. Just move the kidney to the side and give it up. That is why hookers are perfect for this.

Some may argue its sad because they have no other skills. Well, if you aint got other skills that will get you employed at your local Mc Donalds, then you have fucked up a long time. You dont even need to know how to add or subtract to be at Mc Donalds. You just need fingers (not all of them) to press the buttons.

My taekwondo master once told me that sometimes you need to what you are born to do. Maybe these girls were just born to suck some good cock. Maybe they are just good and working their kegel muscles. Whatever the case, don’t judge these women because they sucked at school. And dont judge me because I am all for them selling their vagina. I’m just saying its not all that bad.