Danny Guide to Dudes- Lesson 4

Giving it up

The main problem with beginning a relationship is sex. Guys wanna fuck the first second they meet you. While a girl, due to social rules, can’t give it up right away without feeling like a whore. In addition, they probably are waiting because a lot of em wanna have sex only when they “like/love/are comfortable with” the guy. This is a big problem because the guy has to wait. They need to do and say all the right things to crack the safe so to speak.

The problem with this set up is a dude really aint being real with the chick. If indeed the girl wants a dude to be honest with them, then they are just gonna have to wait til they give it up. My solution is really simple. Girls should just give it up right away. That way the dude can be honest. Its like getting that shit out the way so yall can be normal with each other. Trust me, a lot of dudes will thank you for being cool about it. As much as you are taught that your vagina is special and magical, it really isn’t. That’s why guys cheat. I don’t support cheating by any means but lets go over some random celebrities that cheated. Hugh Grant cheated on Elizabeth Hurley with a 3 dollar hooker on Sunset. That hooker looked all kinds of awful. Tiger Woods cheated many times with many different girls and all of them aren’t close to gorgeous compared to his wife. Kobe and the white girl from Denver. They didn’t even better deal these bitches. They just wanted pussy. And women need to know that this is our biggest Achilles heel. We are just wired to wanna fuck so get over that shit.

The husbands of the the women on the left cheated on them with the mutant women on the right.

I know that women are taught to guard that moneymaker and use it sparingly. All I’m saying is that if yall are gonna complain that guys change after sex, then remember this post. Please understand that this is a post is just an explanation on how we think.

Sure you have the chance of looking like a whore but who gives a shit what one dude and his friends think. Somewhere in this world, someone already thinks of you as a bitch, slut, etc. So fuck it.