Danny’s Guide to Dudes – Lesson 2

Signs that a guy aint feeling you

1)      He doesn’t ask about your friends or family.

The guy doesn’t necessarily have to care about your friends and family but a guy that is into you will ask to evaluate you more. If you are attractive enough, the guy needs to check under the hood so to speak. Trust me, a lot of times, guys cant stand their gf’s friends but they deal with em because its their gfs friends. If we are into the girl then we will ask about friends and family because we are looking for clues to see how much crazy this chick has in her.

2)      He leaves you cab money after sex.

I hope this one is obvious. If the dude is into you, he will let you sleep over so yall can cuddle or whatever else the chicks like to do post coitus. A dude that finds a way to kick you out as soon as yall got done fucking means you are to him just a hole that he shoots his load in.

3)      He tries to or has nutted on your face.

Guys don’t cum on things they care about. It really does not do anything physically for a dude to nut on a chicks face. It’s really forms of dominance and disrespect all rolled into one. If a dude has a condom on and he tries to nut on your face that really means he aint thinking of you as the potential mother of his children. Now if he is going bareback it still takes extra work to nut on the chicks face. But ladies DO NOT mistake friendly fire with him trying to give you a babyshower. If the dude pulls out too late and some of his man juice gets on you, you should be thankful that he didn’t give you a creampie.

4)      If he doesn’t give you the majority of his attention during dates.

It’s true guys will undress girls mentally even when they are with somebody. It aint cheating if its done in the mind. But if a dude aint making eye contact with you through the majority of the night, he aint digging you.  Ive heard women who are in denial saying that the dude is just shy. Trust me ladies, if a dude digs a girl, he wouldn’t have a problem looking at YOUR FACE. Not your tits or ass.

5)      All your hangout session occur after 2am.

Unless the dude has a crazy work schedule if the dude hollers at you only after last call. That means he has one thing in mind. He will deal with your stories of your coworkers for about 30 minutes or so but at that point the muthafucka only wants to bang you. Trust me, I’ve called quite a few girls at 2am just to get uhhhh get my dick warm… Point is, he just wants to bang you and not deal with the other responsibilities of being a relationship with you. Like talking and caring and a handful of other shit.