Danny’s Guide to Dudes- Lesson 5

I was thinking about marriage recently, like a real fair assessment of my current readiness etc.

And I realized when a guy says he aint ready for a relationship, he is afraid of losing his freedom. Not really the freedom to fuck other chicks and party with his friends and all that other stereotypical shit.

I am fine with fucking the same girl for the rest of my life but, what I am afraid to lose is the ability to not give a fuck. Because for a dude, if he is in a relationship, he has to ALWAYS give a fuck.

When she is next to him he has to always worry if she comfortable, is she hungry. Even when she aint physically around, we have to give a fuck. When should I call or text.

The only break we get from giving a fuck is when we are sleep.

It’s like chicks and their period. Right before and during the monthly cleansing of evil, they constantly have to give a fuck. You chicks think:

Am I gonna leak?

Oh shit I cant wear white.

Do i have a tampon in my bag just in case?

Do i wear Regular today or should I switch to Lites?

I’m horny but will he get grossed out?

So my point is women deal with it 1-2 weeks a month. While we deal with our giving a fuck every single day that we are together.

So help us with this by sometimes just sitting down and shutting the fuck up from time to time. Just like sometimes you don’t want to deal with us when you are on your period. Just leave us alone from time to time. Because I’m trying to work and be me so that I can eventually take care of us. But us constantly giving a fuck about you is actually stopping me from really providing for you.

Its like we are Superman. Every day he has to worry about meteors and whack shit that is gonna fuck up the earth. AND while we are out there dealing with this problem, dumb ass Lois Lane gotta get caught up on some bullshit and she is dropped from the Empire State Building. Now Superman gotta stop what he is doing to catch your ass and gently put you on the floor. Then he has to go back to dealing with punching a fucking meteor in half.

All Lois Lane had to do was sit the fuck down to make it easier for all of us. Instead, its always “why do you gotta always save the world and shit. When you gonna make time for me?”  Bitch! I’m helping YOU out by doing what I do. Don’t you understand that?

Now women will argue that they too give a fuck about us all the time. But it’s a different giving a fuck. It comes from a far different place. A girl giving a fuck actually comes from a selfish place.

for example:

When a chick wears something kinda whack, most guys wont say shit.  What the guy has to worry about is shielding her from his shitty friends that might say something fucked up. Obviously the chick thought it was cute enough to wear, so I aint about to shit on her “fashion sense” and ruin her mood.

If a dude wore something whack, his girl will tell him its whack. But that’s because she dont wanna look bad in front of her shitty friends. That’s fucking selfish!

What WE do is way selfless!

So again if women wanted to make it a lil easier for everyone just shit down and shut the fuck up from time to time. Understand that we are doing this for you so appreciate it!