Danny’s Guide to Dudes- Lesson 1

For many years now I noticed a trend in media that depict a guy in a relationship as a fucking idiot. And the chick is so smart. I don’t know when this type of bullshit became accepted. For many years, I have heard women talk shit about how guys are so dumb but when I hear the reasoning for such conclusions, I start getting angry at the generalizations and a lack of understanding. Calling people dumb is too dismissive.  So I decided to help you girls understand guys. I don’t claim to be an expert but most of my friends generally see eye to eye with me on a lot of these lessons.

Stop trying to change the guy.

I still meet a lot of women that want that swept off their feet, knight in shining armor kinda love. Fucking Disney movies man! Oh course they want to be treated like princesses. They wanna feel loved and beautiful and a handful of other things that you can find in a Colbie Calliat song. But that shit don’t exist.

When a dude dates a girl, he likes the majority of the girl. Meaning that he probably likes >50% of the girl as a whole. The one he marries probably is closer to 80%. However, they don’t try to make their girls perfect. We don’t ask chicks to change for us unless its something bad like a crack addiction or she is a degenerate gambler.  But for the most part we know what we signed up for and we just let that shit slide.

Girls on the other hand will date a guy who is 85% perfect and they will nag and try to force their dudes to fix the 15% of them.  It’s ultimately a selfish thing. For example, a girl gave me shit for being a cigarette smoker. She said that she hated the smell. Sure she can mask the hatred for the smell and say that its better for my health to not smoke. But ultimately, its because they don’t wanna smell it on my breath. I get it, its not a great scent but bitch this is what you signed up for.

If a dude fights back or reacts negatively to the nagging, a lot of girls will dismiss that since we think differently, we are stupid. Ladies, guys understand the way you think but we don’t feel the same way most of the times. Us not going along with your thoughts isn’t because we are completely oblivious but rather our way of saying fuck it I am taking a stand.

Now the perceived ignorance and apathy of how you think can lead you to think that the guy doesn’t like/love you. You jumping to that conclusion usually means its time to split. Because then it falls into “lets set up tests and hoops for the guy to pass and jump true just to prove he still cares” phase. It’s a stupid fucking game and if a guy had a backbone at this point he would tell you to shit a square. (Fortunately, most guys are smarter than me and not say those words verbatim.)

Im sure everyone has heard the saying no one is perfect.  So you looking for the perfect man, the perfect ring, the perfect wedding is ultimately a futile act. Hold on to whats real and available at hand and be thankful for that. If not you just gonna end up a sad old cat lady (thats a bad thing).