FarEast Movement at the Roxy and Radio in Korea

Last wednesday, my buddies, the Fareast Movement, ask if I can bring them up on stage at the Roxy. It is definitely an honor to do so because well the are my friends from a while back.  They were the first Asian Americans to Headline the Roxy. That’s fucking amazing! And let me tell you, they came out crazy and the crowd was going apeshit. Bonafide superstars!


That is them killing it. Can you see the ThunderSticks? Thats hardcore!


Thats me rocking an FR*A Shirt. Get yours today!

Well it was a great show and many more great things to come for them…

Yesterday, I did an radio interview for an English radio show in Korea. tbs EFM is what the station is called. It was weird to talk to people in Korea in English. I was asked to not curse and not say anything degrading about koreans. Haha. I guess they knew me too well. I was asked pretty normal questions like how i got into stand up, etc. The male host cracked an awful joke and I laughed politely.  I guess it is a morning show and they dont need me just yelling at people. They were nice folks.  Check them out. It was a show called Kickstart.

And finally, TMW I will be in Pasadeeznuts for a show. Come thru if you can…


That is all for now!


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