Fuck It Podcast- Episode 23 ft. Irene

This one is probably the episode that will break the internet. The boys are joined by radio host, Irene Hsu. She came in a few months back to record but the computer crashed and we lost the audio. So she came back and the talks got filthy fast. Here are some of the things we talked about:

Superman Review,

Denkym reveals that he was born without an anus,

Talking with a lisp,

A D9 Reserve Product giveaway,

Irene and the boys talk about the lowest points in their lives,

Danny’s experience at a swing club,

Their first pornos that they watched,

A few rounds of Shag, Marry, Kill,

And much more.

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For more info on Irene, check out, http://amnradio.com/esl/

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