Fuck It Podcast- Episode 24 ft. Rich Uno

The boys are joined by Artist, Entrepreneur, and one of Danny’s favorite Filipinos of all time, Rich Uno. Rich has a very interesting life and so the boys just sat for story time with Rich. Headright wasn’t talking to much trash cuz Rich is his boss. Some of the topics covered are:

Rich’s origins as a graff artist,

Rich’s connection to the Rock Steady Crew, Zulu Nation, Beat Junkies, and just the beginning of West Coast Hip Hop,

Vans and Creative Recreation,

Danny’s hatred for Break Dancers,

Stories about Babu (Beat Junkies), Denkym’s idol,

Chronic Avengers,

Canada Stories,

Rich’s crazy house,

NASA CREW and their mission,

Graffiti Artist mindset,

Pros and Cons of telecommunication advancement.

Headright’s story about jerking it in China.

Go check out http://www.conceptualapplication.com/ to see what Rich and Headright are up to.


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