First On Screen Kiss

Recently, I was in a short film and I experienced my first onscreen kiss. I was very nervous when I first read the script because I have never kissed for a film. So its time to film the kiss scene and im excited because the girl I get to kiss is really cute. So there is one scene where we start making out and then she ends up on top of me. As we do the scene, I am thinking about how embarrassing it would be if I popped wood. So I am thinking about all kinds of shit like Rosie O’Donnell, Ice Cream, Baseball. But a part of me wanted to kiss her longer so I would mess up on purpose. Or I would suggest kissing with more passion. Because even though it wouldn’t lead to anything, its not every day you have a hot girl riding you and kissing you.


If this is how I look on the bottom, then I am never letting a girl on top of me. Jesus Christ I look awful