Well every now and again, certain people ask me if they could interview me. They quickly find out that I am a terrible interview and they have to edit the living hell out of it to make the interview decent. A few months ago, I was doing my east coast college tour for the winter and Ellie ( asked to interview me.

Ellie is a smart girl. She has been spending her days blogging about Korean and Asian American entertainment news.  I guess that doesn’t make her smart at all because not that much is going on with us. Haha. But her hustle and passion is something great to see. Check her out!

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If you want to check out the little write up she did on me click here!

Also, I have been interview my friends so that the rest of the world gets to know what my friends are like. Some are in the entertainment business, some are cpa’s, lawyers, doctors, etc. This is the interview I did with my buddy Lanny Joon. He is an actor. Good guy. Check it out!

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Sorry for not updating often. Tales of a scumbag coming soon!


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