Just a Normal Update

So I am gonna take a small break from the Tales of a Scumbag Series for those that really have no interest in reading. I realized that the most popular blogs are riddled with pictures and videos. My blog is lacking that aspect so here are some other forms of media for those folks that dont want to read:

Here are the funniest videos on youtube that never fail to make me laugh:

Korean Drummer

YouTube Preview Image

The drummer here is just ridiculously awesome. You knows those lame girls that add stupid quotes on their facebook status… “Live like there’s no tomorrow, Love like you’ve never been hurt, and Dance like no one is watching.” Although it makes me sick when people put quotes like these for the public to see, I will take this quote to mean not to good give a fuck. Well, this guy definitely drums like he doesnt give a rats ass that anyone is looking. That is why this man is awesome to me.

Ultimate Warrior

YouTube Preview Image

I remember when I was a kid, I thought the Ultimate Warrior was fucking awesome. The energy, the crazy hair, the face paint, he possessed all the things I would like to see in a wrestler. Maybe it was because I didnt understand english that well when I was a kid, but his interviews always sounded so cool. But as an adult that has better grasp of english, I have no idea what this man is saying in the video above. Holy fuck! This guy is a complete crackhead. Even though my image of the Warrior has been tarnished because of this video, you are still pretty bad ass in my heart.

Indian Dude on a Show

YouTube Preview Image

I dont believe that a man should ever hit a woman. I mean I have gotten to points where I wanted to because women sometimes can do that. But to the Indian Dude that slapped the bitch, I would say that your that your left hook/slap was pretty fucking awesome. The thing that made me laugh out loud was him asking/yelling. “How ken you slep?” Fucking hell man, I am gonna watching this a lil more. He right before he gets slapped, he gives the chick one of those sleazy Razor Ramon looks.  This video has action, tension, and woman hitting. I’d say this video has all the elements to make my day. HOW KEN SHE SLEP?

Iraqi Gangster Kid

YouTube Preview Image

Maybe its the music, maybe its how swole this kid is, but I start laughing before it even starts getting good. Notice the swagger. I sometimes joke around and tell kids they will not be able to survive in East LA but this kid could probably run shit. He has all the right qualities.   Look when this other kid kicks the girl, Nototious IRAQI comes to save the day. Fucking awesome.

Dump Truck

YouTube Preview Image

First of all this is my friend’s nephew. Damn cute kid! The nose picking just adds to the awesomeness of this video. Check out my buddy at www.bigphonymusic.com. 


I am sure you guys think there are other videos out there that should make this list but this is my list so if you have a problem with it them find a rusty nail and fall on it. Thanks!