Most Badass Asians of All Time # 4

Jackie Chan makes the list because he is truly one badass motherfucker. I know some of you think of him as a clown but the dude is out of his mind, balls of steel, 1000% more badass than any of you.

Jackie Chan started his career in entertainment in the Chinese Opera. Sure you are thinking Opera doesn’t sound badass at all but that is pure ignorance talking. Chinese Opera isn’t a fat guy singing in Italian or anything. It’s a bunch of people doing flips for days. Its extreme Cirque de Soleil shit. Just doing backflips for days is kinda cool but what makes Jackie the shit is because he does all his own stunts in his films. There are countless stunts that he has done in movies that make people piss in their pants. Here is a few that he has done:

YouTube Preview Image

So if you think he is a joke because he wasn’t a champion martial artist, or invented his own fighting technique, STFU and try jumping onto a helicopter. That’s what I thought pansies! So shut your faces. Sure he makes terrible movies but Drunken Master 2 is one of my favorite martial flicks of all time.

In doing all these stunts, his body took a beating in the process. He broke more things than Michael J Fox in a crystal store. Here is a chart of some injuries he has sustained in his lifetime:

Jackie Chan you are truly and nutcase and even more of a badass! Cheers!