My Chest is Bare!

Yesterday was an interesting one. My buddy IZreal was doing an interview for my other homies, FR*A. I was asked to help with the interview to add a lil spice.

So I get to FR*A offices in Downtown and it was a damn party!


Me Trying to do My Best Imitation as a Korean Gangsta. FAILURE!

This was an opportunity for people to get to know IZ. Anyways, I make a bet with the co-host. I tried to do a lil freestyle. And I lost… Grinch( the co-host) told me that I needed to wax my hairy chest if I suck. I agreed and well I lost. So I got my chest waxed. That shit hurt.

fra_becky-wuBecky Woo Woo! She was supervising with people ripping hair off my chest.

fra_my-chest-beforeThis is what my Chest Looked Like Before! Yes Sexual!

fra_grinchGrinch waiting to inflict pain on me.

fra_dpdDPD getting his Spielberg on

fra_dumbfoundedDumbfounded was in the Building.

fra_mikeMike from Tatum Jones filming!

fra_david-choiDavid Choi, he took a crack at my chest too. Did it slow, jerk!

fra_nippleThats from the nipple. That fucking hurts!

This is a clip of the whole interview.