My Top 5 Favorite Fight Scenes of All Time

Since I was a kid, I was always fascinated with martial arts films. I know its not shocking given the shape of my eyes. But my dad was really into watching them Chinese films were muthafuckas were fighting on tree branches for no reason.  Bruce Lee movies were virtually worshipped at my house. I watched em all. Hell I did various forms of martial arts for close to 20 years.

To this day, I will watch a shitty martial arts film on Netflix. I have no idea why I gravitate toward em. The white people version of martial arts movies were all them Chuck Norris films, The American Ninja series, Earlier Van Damme movies, and Earlier Steven Segal movies. I aint gonna lie, I watched them too.

Today, I was chatting it up with my roommate today and I got into a massive martial arts fight scene binge. So given that its been a slow day for me I wanted to share my top 5 fight scenes in a martial arts movie.

#5- Best of the Best

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This one is a little biased. I can’t explain really why I like this scene and movie in general. It’s terrible acting, terrible lines, terrible martial arts from TEAM USA. But ultimately seeing the Rhee Brothers beating the crap out of each other was entertaining. And given that I was a taekwondo instructor, I can’t help but love this scene.

#4 – Drunken Master 2

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This is one epic ass fight scene. Jackie Chan is pretty underrated in my opinion because he acts like a fucking clown in his recent films but this dude is a badass asian dude.  I remember watching this scene as a kid and it fucking blew my skull off. Watching it again today, I was still fucking shocked how crazy this fight sequence is.

#3 – Fist of Legend

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Jet Li was another dude that was so badass in Asia. When he made his American Film Debut in Lethal Weapon 4, I was happy at how bad ass this dude was. Even white people were like this little asian dude is fucking scary. Then came Romeo Must Die, and I realized Jet Li just shouldn’t speak English cuz it sounds ridiculous. But this fight with the Japanese is pretty fucking badass! This story has been done by Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Donnie Yen and a handful of others. I personally thought this was the best in terms of action.

#2- Flashpoint

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I honestly think Donnie Yen should be way bigger than he is in the US. This is the first movie that isn’t vastly martial arty but damn when I saw this fight sequence, I was like this is pretty brutal. A very modern look. There is some jiu-jitsu, some judo, elements of karate, and a handful of other shit that made me wanna give the fight choreographer a bj. Seriously…

#1- Ipman

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I saw this movie a few years ago. I didn’t hear shit about the film so I figured it was gonna be a mediocre film. I was way off. Ive taken wing chun before and when I saw this film I was like damn so this is what it looks like. I know yall have seen circular punching but this aint a boxer on a speed bag or punk ass billy blanks pushing a shitty exercise video. Fucking brutal.

I know some of yall are gonna disagree but its my list. Let’s see what yall think are the best fight scenes in a movie.