Nueva York (2/5-2/10) Part 1

Well this past week, I was in NYC. It was damn cold over there. The first day I got there this is what I saw:


Now being the spoiled Cali Boy that I am I was definitely cold. I didnt even want to smoke. The cold wind hit my face and it felt like a dull razor blade was haphazardly shaving my face. It fucking hurt! But my brotha Richard and his homeboy Royce came to pick me up from JFK. If you know about NYC, then you know it is damn rare to have a car there. After they rescued me from the shitty cold they took me to there restaurant.


This place is awesome. I told them to get me anything that is good and they brought the whole damn menu to my table. The sushi is fresh and they got damn good sauces that compliment the sushi. Its just just soy sauce and wasabi. The hostess was pretty cute and the service was dope. But most in portantly, I ate a shit load of sushi! If you are in NYC, I totally recommend Neo Sushi! Tell them I sent you. I am sure they will treat you right.

So after killing myself with food and sake, the boys and I went to some karaoke joint. However, I didnt go in the room to sing. Instead, I sat out and ate the world famous chicken over rice!


This shit is so damn good. Someone on my face book said it looks like dog shit and I say to that person, try it first. Dont knock on it because it looks like that. This mentality is the reason why I dont mind sleeping with ugly chicks. Sure at first glance they may be ugly as sin but they might be the best lay ever. So my message to ugly fat girls out there reading this is, ill fuck ya! yay!

I know you are thinking, didnt he just eat sushi before this. The answer to all those that are inquisitive is that yes I did eat right before. But you cant pass up chicken over rice. The combination is just $6 bucks. Warning: just because you can eat spicy shit dont mean you gotta pour on their hot sauce like siracha. Their hot sauce was imported straight from Satan’s asshole. So I recommend just a couple of drops. For information on Chicken over rice go to

So Thursday night was a bit of a blur because I drank a little too much. From sake, to soju, to champagne.  I was unbelievably hung over the following day…

I had the alcohol butt spits all day. And I threw up everything so I couldnt really eat anything in the morning and afternoon. But I had a show at Fordham so I had to suck it up and rock that shit. 


This is what the Fordham Law School looks like.  I apologize cuz I have the photography skills of the offspring of Helen Keller and Michael J Fox. But before I went inside the building, I looked to the side and I see this:


Now I had the urge to jump in the snow and make snow angels, but I fought off the gayness of my idea and went inside for the show. The show was pretty small and I was feeling like shit. Somehow, I fought off the urge to throw up on the people and do the show. It went well…


Some of them looked scared. But I think they enjoyed my stuff. Except of course this old white lady that looked at me like I was the devil. Its ok, she cant say shit. Obama is president now so eat it bitch! Thanks for the friends that came out. (Phil, Alice, Peter, etc)

After the show, Phil and I went to get some Puerto Rican food. Sorry, I didnt think to use my camera. I was kinda hungry and my hangover was for lack of better words, over. 

Then I met up my homeboy Richard and went to a club called Circle. Now I dont want to sound like an ass but I will because I dont care. NYC asian women are not cute. I was in a packed club and didnt see a single girl I wanted to introduce to my baby spitter.  Sure you women are thinking Danny you arent God’s gift to women. This is true but its my blog so go fuck yourselfs. No seriously fuck yourself and let me film it. Anyways, I wonder how make up companies stay in business there. Sure make up dont cure ugly but it does make ugly bearable. I drank a bit and then we went bac for some Hallal food. yay!


Yes I posted this pic again because its awesome.

Then came Saturday. I got a spot at the Gotham Comedy Club. Thanks to Helen Hong! Go check her out! Anyways, my cousin Esther brought a ton of people. My boy Huei brought some folks. My boy Phil brought some people as well. I did ok. 


This is not a picture of the show. It was before. The place wasnt packed but there was a decent amount of people. Thanks guys for coming. Next up, Esther and Company and I went next door to have some BBQ.  This place was pretty damn good. Go get the fried green tomatoes!


Its kinda small and the menus smelled like shit sprinkled with dead animal pieces. But aside fromt that the beer was good and so was the bbq. As I am writing this, I realize I mostly took pictures of food. To be honest, I ate a about a whole supply crate that the UN drops to shitty countries. (If you are in those shitty countries, then I am sorry but maybe you should move. )

I will talk about the rest of the trip later. This shit is getting too long.