Past Show Reflection

This past Friday (5/29/2009) I had my show at in Burbank. I was pretty stressed out about the turn out because online ticket sales weren’t so hot and I realized that the Lakers were playing the same time! Damn you Lakers for KILLING the Thuggettes on the same day. 

So this meant, alot of people were gonna sit at a bar or at home to watch the game. It showed in the turnout. The show was at half capacity…=(  But nevertheless, I knew I had to give the people in the audience a good show. They came all the way to Burbank to see me. 

So the day of the show, I wake up coughing and feverish… What a great time to be sick?! Last year, my phone decided to stop working during the day of my DVD taping. This time, my voice and nose decided to stop working. So I get up, and go to the trusty Theraflu.

therafluDoesn’t Fix Shit!

So I gulped down pretty much the shitty Theraflu concoction. It just made me feel sicker. I went to the bathroom to get the phlem out of my throat. I tried everything. I tried spitting it out. I even stuck my finger down my throat channeling my days as a bulimic. However, I couldnt get any of it out. 

Then I took a trip to the nearby Ktown landmark called Saan. They are known for their abalone porridge. I bundled up and decided I was gonna sweat this badboy out. I dusted the porridge and I was sweating like hooker in church. The waitress in the restaurant looked at me like I was a freak.  But the food did make me feel a lil better. 

I get home and take a long bath. Yes, the ones with bubbles in em. I pamper myself. I even wanted to have a quick JO session to ease my mind. But my hands were pretty wrinkled at this point so it was kinda cool because it didnt feel like my hand. It was kinda interesting.

So I hit the road around 5. It was a shitty ass drive. The 5 freeway, AKA. Parking Lot, was gonna kill me. I had to pee real bad but I couldnt get off the road. It was a complete standstill. I get to the theater and run to the bathroom. Quite possibly took the longest piss of my life. It was so long that my eyes started to roll to the back of my head and my knees started to buckle. The only time I had this reaction was when I got an awesome bj from this chick from back in the day. I began to understand the golden show fetish. Sorry, I am digressing.

The other comics on the bill came through pretty early. 

Fast forward to the show…

Scott opened the show. He is pretty new to the stand up comedy business but I like his hustle. He hosted the show and even though it was a daunting task, he did a good job. Then came Richard. People have told me from a while back that there is this Korean dude that looks like me and he does a ton of Mexican material. I had to see him for myself and dammit this guy is the only asian that is more mexican than me. I was a bit shocked because I thought I was one of a kind. The dude rolled on stage with a guayabera (mexican dress shirt) and hat. 


Richard (me in 10 years) and Scott. 

Richard goes thru his material and gets the crowd pumped. Then comes my homeboy Harvin Sethi. I met Harvin when he was trying to get into the Laugh Factory. He was trying to hustle the Indian angle. His material is a lot stronger and has grown as a comedian in the last few years. He did a good job in keeping the energy up. 

Then it was my turn, I was still feeling sick but once I got on stage, I didnt feel a thing. I tried a ton of new material and the set went fairly well. In fact, I was in a weird trance when I was on stage. So much so that I found out that my fly was down the first 40 or so minutes of my set. People were texting me like crazy but I put my phone on silent so I didnt get the messages. Finally, one female in the front was pantomiming to me that my fly was down. I looked down and dude it was all the way down. But I zipped it up and went back to my jokes. 

Here are some texts I received:

Big Phony-“Lanny says your fly’s open. You’re on stage by the way doing your show.”

My Sister-“Your fly is open!!!!!”

Harvin- ” Your fly is down man hahaha”

LazySwayze-“Dood ur gate is open. Hot dogs for sale!”


With Rina after the show. Thats my “I dont wanna take a picture” look.

Anyways, the show went well and I wanted to thank those that came to the show. Especially Janet and Meinoh. They drove down all the way down from San Francisco to see me. Thank you very much guys! If you are ever in the SF area, go get some frozen yogurt at yoCup. Trust me on this, I know food and its bomb over there!


Anyways, it was a long and stressful couple of months but things turned out ok. Thanks for the support guys.


Speaking of which, I will be doing a show at the Irvine Improv on June 20th.


Its gonna be a fun show so come on thru!



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