Something That Bothers Me # 1

I cant say that I am a nice person. Lots of little things that bug me. For example, if I am somewhere in a group setting, I will undoubtedly hate someone. Well hate is such a strong word but it is true. Its either that douchebag that name drops in every full sentence or the girl that aint that pretty but acts like she should be the next Meagan Fox. The thing that bugs me these days are women who think certain famous people arent pretty/hot etc. They will always say something to the effect of “if a girl is pretty in my eyes I will admit it. but she just doesn’t do it for me.”

Well 9 times out of 10 the girl saying that aint that good looking.  So with my fantastic MS Paint skills I have created a simple equation to describe the situation.


Now I dont know who the girl on the left is. I just typed in Ugly Asian Girl on Google Images and her pic showed up. So no offense chick on the left. But google is smart and I just cant argue with them on this one. Anyways, my point is, the chick is damn jealous. My solution is simple girls like the one on the left. Just accept your looks and do other things that make the guys want you. 

Look ladies, I have no problem saying that certain guys like Brad Pitt, Jude Law, Eric Bana are good looking dudes. 

But for women I guess its always a competition. Especially if they are in a relationship.  The bf is a fucktard for even asking his gf the question. “Do you think she is hot?” I think maybe the girl feels threatened. But the reality of it is, there is absolutely no way your bf will be able to hook up with that certain celebrity so relax.  And even if the stars align and your man uses the Devil’s Breath drug from Colombia, your man still wont have a chance. Just admit you aint that cute and hope that you are cute in your man’s eyes.

I have been in relationships where the girl is not cute by any standards. Like put them next to Charlize Theron and 11 times out of 10 she would lose in a beautiful contest. However, the girl was cute in my eyes and that is all that really matters. 

Maybe that is why girls like sex and the city. Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a fucking horse. There is no man in America that would leave his girl for her. Unless they are into bestiality.


So the point of this blog is:

Ladies, stop being dumb asswipes and just admit that a chick is hot/pretty/beautiful.  It just makes you look less like a retard.