Spring Tour Part 2 (Cafe Noir and ODU)

So after SUNY Geneseo, I head out to good ole Northern Virginia (NOVA- as I am told it is called). I had a show at this bar there in Annandale Virginia, Cafe Noir to be more specific.

It was an interesting show because the show was not packed. I guess Sunday nights are not that poppin over there. On top of that I guess I am not famous at all for people to come to the show. Hahah. The crowd was interesting as well. Bits that I thought would work didnt. Bits I didn’t think would work did. You see, I don’t tell jokes to get laughter. A lot of times, I will tell bits I know wont work just because I like em. I know I am selfish.

Anyways, I saw some familiar faces and I was happy to see them. Since the show was at a bar. A lil alcohol was imbibed. Then I got to hung out with my boy Lyricks, who is reppin Nova pretty hard.  He let me stay at his place for a few days. We got to catch up since I havent seen the puto in a few years.

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All I got to say is that the Koreans in Nova have a weird affinity to ping pong balls. ┬áThere was a lot of drinking, bbq-ing and good times. Met lots of cool people. Too many to name… So after a few days in Nova, I was off to Old Dominion University. Lyricks offered to drive me there so I said fuck it, why don’t you open for me. After a few emails with some folks, not only did Lyricks roll with me but his crew the Beautiful Cycle came through. I said fuck it, all yall gonna open for me.

So we check into the hotel and I call the Amber, girl who booked me for the show, and she is telling me the turn out is looking good. I was like cool. We head to campus and when I get to the show, it was packed. Packed with black folks. It was a little unexpected but I was like yo it don’t matter imma rip this shit.

Manifest, Lyricks, and JL get on stage and rip it. I get up and just started shitting on the crowd. The showed a lot of love. Thanks ODU for all the love and support. It was a damn fun show.

Shout outs to Manifest, Lyricks, JL, and our roadie for the trip Eric. Thanks Manifest for driving. Your car was falling apart man. Get some crazy glue and secure the lining on your door.

On a side note, Manifest is coming to California soon for his mixtape release show. So go to that shit.

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also just for fun check out some of the mc’s from NOVA

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