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In this week’s episode, we have Comedian/Actress Aiko Tanaka on as a guest.


Here are the topics covered:

Aiko’s first recollection of meeting Danny,

Denkym thinks porn is evil,

Denkym talks about messing with a sloppy drunk,

Answering a listener’s email,

Danny was a victim of a gold digger at 13,

Aiko’s encounter with Steven Seagal,

Aiko’s Soul Train Story.

Special Shout outs to World of Wandag for the new Intro!

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Aiko’s Stuff:




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After Danny whooped on Headright in NBA 2k14 the boys meet up to record.


Here are the topics covered:

Korean style business drinking,

Danny’s racist encounter,

Denkym’s encounter with Yeast Infections,

Denkym’s recent shroom adventure,

Headright’s weed fast,

Good Facebook posters,

Internet Pick Up Lines.

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After filming for ISA TV the boys are joined by regular guests Shane Yoon and Irene Hsu.



Here are the topics covered:

Irene is not a good hugger,

Danny’s drinking history,

Our love for bastardized Chinese food,

Asian cuisine,

Danny loves girls that do kegel exercises,

Irene’s Coachella Experience,

Headright’s trip to Mexico,

Danny’s most traumatic experience.

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The boys are joined by our buddy Shane Yoon. We get into it right away and forgot to intro the show.  Whoops.


Anyways, here are the topics covered in this week’s show:

Korean Variety Shows,

Danny’s hatred for Valentines,

Shane and Danny recounts a recent trip to San Francisco,

Alien talk,

Doomsday prophecies,

Undertaker’s career,


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In this episode, we are joined by jack of all trades- Rickey Kim AKA Evil Monito and a loyal listener, Humphrey.

Here are some of the topics covered:

Denkym, Rickey, and Danny in Korea,

The concept of HAN,

Denkym recaps his trip from Maldives,

Pros and Cons of the advancement of Social Media,

Danny’s obsession with FOB women,

Instagram Game,

Danny recently crapped his pants.

Old Gold stops by and the end for no reason.

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