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Danny got into a car accident the day of this recording. He comes to Denkym’s 3 hours late but they still get into it. Here is what we talked about:

Danny describes what happened with the car accident.

Danny hates his voice,

100 days of Happiness,


Answer Me 1994,

Headright rants about his neighbor,

The doeumi fad in Ktown

Reggae Pops,

Headright’s love of Carl’s Jr.

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The boys meet up for the one year anniversary show.  In the middle of the show our buddy World of Wandag comes through. Here are the topics covered:

Denkym’s recent trip to Dubai,

Recap of the movie, Pieta,

Hardcore movies,

Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado,

Wandag comes through and starts rapping,

Vagina talk,

Scavenger Hunt and the Jejune Institute,

Wandags Masturbation issues,

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This is our Christmas Episode. Unfortunately this has nothing to do with Christmas… Here are the topics covered:

The reason for Headright’s tardiness,

Keanu Reeves and Speed,

Danny’s recent encounter with a fob at a Karaoke,

Ktown Cowboys wrapped production,

Someone tried to evangelize Denkym,

Denkym is mad at the Santa Baby song,

Jolly Rancher x Chlamydia,

Interracial Kids,

Crazy Korean Old Wives Tales.

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In this episode we are joined by our buddy Jaysn.  Later we are joined by Bobby Choy aka Big Phony. Here are the topics covered:

Circumcision late in life,

Sauna Weirdness,

Gay Cholos,

Localeur Launch Party,

KPOP Star’s Nude Photos Leaked Online,

Dating A Stripper,

The internet landscape 15 years ago,


Watching He-Man and Thundercats as an adult,

Justin Bieber’s scandal.

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This week’s episode we talk about a lot of random things. Here are the following topics:


Headright and Denkym’s date in the park,

Danny’s stressful week,

Ktown Cowboys Update,

Evolution of Communication,

Government Shutdown,

Defining Happiness,

Danny as a homewrecker,

Not being a jerk online,

Denny is fullblown addicted to GTA V,

Girls Bathroom vs. Guys Bathrooom,

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