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This is our Christmas Episode. Unfortunately this has nothing to do with Christmas… Here are the topics covered:

The reason for Headright’s tardiness,

Keanu Reeves and Speed,

Danny’s recent encounter with a fob at a Karaoke,

Ktown Cowboys wrapped production,

Someone tried to evangelize Denkym,

Denkym is mad at the Santa Baby song,

Jolly Rancher x Chlamydia,

Interracial Kids,

Crazy Korean Old Wives Tales.

Thanks for listening and Happy Holidays!D83A7171

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DPD, the director of Ktown Cowboys, comes through as our guest.

Here are the topic covered:

Ktown Cowboys is in production,

The Iron Sheik was DPD’s substitute teacher,

What our first memories were,

Our thoughts on Black Friday,

Denkym as tech support,

Fights in Ktown,

Face vs. Body,

David Copperfield and other magicians.

Questions of the day: What is your first memory? and What type of pornos does your dad watch.

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In this episode our buddies Bobby Choy and Jaysn come through. Some of the topics covered are:

Bobby’s experiences in Korea

Knockout Game,

Misogynistic daydreams,

Music to make love to,

Bobby slips and Denkym spits all over the computer,

Game in Korea vs the US,

Golddigger Ferrari Video,

Marriage in the entertainment industry.

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In this episode we have Peter Jae and Shane Yoon of the Ktown Cowboys in this one. Unfortunately, we only had one mic for them to share. We talk about:

SAT scores,

Frustrations of doing the radio show,

The biggest girls we have had sex with,

Denkym’s Recent Food Poisoning,

Denkym is being very feminine,


Terry Richardson,

White people are casting Asians inconsistently,

Fukushima Leak,

Government Shutdown,

Denkym’s Homeless story of the week,

Jet Li vs. Tito Ortiz,

We comment on a listener’s email.

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Here is episode 3!

YouTube Preview Image

We have been getting a lot of comments regarding the length of the videos so here is the explanation for this matter:

We originally had 7 episodes. We were planning to release each episode every other week. However, once we looked at the final cuts of each episode they were past the 10 minute time limit that is set by youtube. Hence we decided to break the episodes in half and release an episode weekly.

We staff is very appreciative of all the comments and support that ya’ll have been given us.

Oh and if you guys are interested in watching a full version of ktown cowboys here is some info for a screening coming up:

Now that I got that shit out the way I have some interesting news. This past thursday I was on the set of Parks and Recreation. I booked a small role on it. It not a big role and chances of me having lines are pretty slim. But its a start! The staff and actors were really dope. Its good to see such nice folks especially at a show like Parks and Recreation! I don’t have a camera so I can’t post any pictures. SOrry!