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The boys meet up for the one year anniversary show.  In the middle of the show our buddy World of Wandag comes through. Here are the topics covered:

Denkym’s recent trip to Dubai,

Recap of the movie, Pieta,

Hardcore movies,

Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado,

Wandag comes through and starts rapping,

Vagina talk,

Scavenger Hunt and the Jejune Institute,

Wandags Masturbation issues,

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In this episode, we have a special mystery guest, aka SMOKER X. Here are the topics covered:

Denkym finally finished GTA V,

Bastardized Marijuana,

Terrible gifts we have received,

Best Restaurants in K-town,

Streetfighter Talk,

Parents cursing at us,

Denkym talks about his days as a college radio dj,

Schools in Los Angeles,

Animal rights.

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This week’s episode we talk about a lot of random things. Here are the following topics:


Headright and Denkym’s date in the park,

Danny’s stressful week,

Ktown Cowboys Update,

Evolution of Communication,

Government Shutdown,

Defining Happiness,

Danny as a homewrecker,

Not being a jerk online,

Denny is fullblown addicted to GTA V,

Girls Bathroom vs. Guys Bathrooom,

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In this episode we have Peter Jae and Shane Yoon of the Ktown Cowboys in this one. Unfortunately, we only had one mic for them to share. We talk about:

SAT scores,

Frustrations of doing the radio show,

The biggest girls we have had sex with,

Denkym’s Recent Food Poisoning,

Denkym is being very feminine,


Terry Richardson,

White people are casting Asians inconsistently,

Fukushima Leak,

Government Shutdown,

Denkym’s Homeless story of the week,

Jet Li vs. Tito Ortiz,

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