Tales of a Scumbag #28

My buddy Bob from the Falling on the Grenade Story, is very interesting dude. He always blurts our random things that never make sense. When he plays video games, he would just blurt out nonsensical things but then he started blurted out “AWHATDAHELL!” I really didn’t think anything of it.

One day during a long drive to Vegas, I asked him where in the fuck did he get “AWHATDAHELL!” from. He tells me it’s a stupid story. I said hey fucker imma be driving for 5 hours, and we aint got shit to do. So he starts the story.

A few years ago, he was briefly dating…er fucking a Thai chick. Not a Thai/American but a thai broad that came into the country like the day they met. So Bob and Tiger Uppercut were eating dinner pretty far away. On the drive back home, he started dozing off. Instead of pulling over, he was thinking what is the best way to stay awake while driving. He figured that if he was horny, he would stay awake. He pulls out his cock and tells Tiger Uppercut to suck on it. She looks at his cock and blurts out “AWHATDAHELL!”

Bob met Tiger Uppercut at a hostess bar. She didn’t speak English that well, he didn’t speak Thai so their conversations would have made a mime jealous.

One day, Bob calls me and goes hey do you have a lighter with a number to a taxi. All lighters in Ktown have this. I told him I am nearby his work so I will swing by. When I get there, there is a random Thai broad sitting there in a fur coat. It was summer so I thought it was strange. Bob comes out of the corner to greet me. It was the first time he ever that he was not happy to greet me. I guess he was trying to hide the Thai broad from me and his friends. I tried to play it off but it was hard to ignore the Thai elephant in the room.

So he asks me if I would like to have a cig outside. I said sure. And I was like “Yo, what is up with Ong-bak in there?” He told me how they met. I clowned on him for years about her and her fur coat.

It has gotten to a point that the…uhm…word AWHATDAHELL has been used instead of a Thai girl. For example, lets say there are a gang of Thai birds at the bar. I would say Yo there are a gang of AWHATDAHELLS in this bitch. So dear readers, please feel free to use the word. Thanks!

And for all you sensitive people fucking relax and don’t call me a racist.