I’m such a genius and Kim Jong Il isn’t.

Im a fucking idiot. So last week I mailed out some dvd’s for the dvd giveaway winners and some dvd orders on my site. Yesterday, I looked at my mailbox and realized I switched the To: and From: locations on the envelope. So basically, i paid postage to mail something to myself. Im the brotosaurus of idiots. Sorry for the lag on the dvd’s guys. My bad!

I should go punch myself in the face!

Ok well after many months of nothing, I present to you everyone’s favorite crazy leader, Kim Jong Il!

YouTube Preview Image

Let the shit storm begin!

Shout outs to Pedro Kim, Peachies, Tongdak, Gina Grad, and Chung An. Was a fun shoot and thanks for doing it on such a short notice. Special shout out to Peachies for being an editing monster that she is. Woot woot!

My boy IZ just dropped a single. If you don’t know about him, go fall on a rusty nail and then click on the picture to check out the single.


If you want to get more info on IZ go to: http://www.myspace.com/listenizreal. Sseng u!

Now onto my upcoming shows:

This coming sunday!


There is going to be industry folks at this show so please come thru and support. I need to seriously kill this show! Thanks and if you want tickets let me know. Gracias!


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