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On a serious note, please go to It only takes 5 minutes to do. Its easy! Its for a good cause! You are on facebook already at work. Just fucking do it!

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Shout outs to Peachies, the crazy crew that put together a million PSA’s for CPAF.

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Im a fucking idiot. So last week I mailed out some dvd’s for the dvd giveaway winners and some dvd orders on my site. Yesterday, I looked at my mailbox and realized I switched the To: and From: locations on the envelope. So basically, i paid postage to mail something to myself. Im the brotosaurus of idiots. Sorry for the lag on the dvd’s guys. My bad!

I should go punch myself in the face!

Ok well after many months of nothing, I present to you everyone’s favorite crazy leader, Kim Jong Il!

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Let the shit storm begin!

Shout outs to Pedro Kim, Peachies, Tongdak, Gina Grad, and Chung An. Was a fun shoot and thanks for doing it on such a short notice. Special shout out to Peachies for being an editing monster that she is. Woot woot!

My boy IZ just dropped a single. If you don’t know about him, go fall on a rusty nail and then click on the picture to check out the single.


If you want to get more info on IZ go to: Sseng u!

Now onto my upcoming shows:

This coming sunday!


There is going to be industry folks at this show so please come thru and support. I need to seriously kill this show! Thanks and if you want tickets let me know. Gracias!

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For most of the month of July, I was doing a DVD giveaway contest. My assistant and I looked at all the comments on the site. (Yes, I have an assistant) Here are the winners:


Congrats to the winners and keep on commenting!

On to some world news. So if you guys weren’t aware 2 Asian American journalists were caught in the border of North Korea and China a few months back. They were tried in North Korea and sentenced to 12 years of Labor Camp/Gulag in North Korea.

Well after tons of vigils and lots of press finally started working. I woke up today to see that our favorite fornicating president, Bill Clinton went to North Korea and had some negotiations going. I guess he charmed the socks outta North Korea because apparently North Korean leader and my doppelgänger Kim Jong Il agreed to pardon the 2 journalists. That is awesome. Nothing is final until the 2 women set foot on american soil but this is a great start. Yay!

Finally on a personal note, go purchase my dvd!



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My buddy, Patty Yu, asked me to be in a parody music video that she wanted to do. I said sure why not… It is a parody of Boa’s I’ll Eat U Up. YouTube Preview Image Here is Patty’s version: YouTube Preview Image You can see my cameo there. It was a fun shoot! Leave comments and show love to my girl patty!

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Me and the good folks of Arowana Films decided to go find Kim Jong Il and ask him some things. He was a pretty cool dude!

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