Party to help me out!!!

Wassup guys,

For those that don’t know, my buddy and I wrote a script for a webisode series. I can’t really get into the details of the project but we have started shooting and things have been going great. Lots of cameos and the crew has been dope. Our last day of shoot is a club scene.

As you can imagine we had to get a space for a club. We decided since the webisode is about KTOWN, why not use the once poppin Velz. Its not called that anymore, but for one night we wanted to recreate the place that gave many of us memories.

The owners of the establishment agreed to let us use the space but, they asked us to throw a party for them to make up the business they will lose because of us. So for all yall out there please come through and party with us. The cast will be there AND lots of hot people. Trust me on this, I did most of the casting… :P


Please come through and support this film. We have shot some of the episodes already and the footage looks amazing!