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In this episode our buddies Bobby Choy and Jaysn come through. Some of the topics covered are:

Bobby’s experiences in Korea

Knockout Game,

Misogynistic daydreams,

Music to make love to,

Bobby slips and Denkym spits all over the computer,

Game in Korea vs the US,

Golddigger Ferrari Video,

Marriage in the entertainment industry.

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In this episode we are joined by our buddy Jaysn.  Later we are joined by Bobby Choy aka Big Phony. Here are the topics covered:

Circumcision late in life,

Sauna Weirdness,

Gay Cholos,

Localeur Launch Party,

KPOP Star’s Nude Photos Leaked Online,

Dating A Stripper,

The internet landscape 15 years ago,


Watching He-Man and Thundercats as an adult,

Justin Bieber’s scandal.

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I have been working on a movie project. I started writing the script with my buddy DPD in October and we are pretty much done with shooting it. Now all we need to do is edit the hell out of it. It was a crazy learning experience. This is the biggest thing I have ever been involved with.

I have been infront of the camera a few times in my life for movies, sitcoms, sketch comedy shows, but this is the first project that I had a hand in creating and executing. I didn’t know it took all that work to get it done. Facking crazy. Looking at the footage recently, I got excited. I am trying my best to get it done asap to show yall. In the meantime, here are some pictures to so you get to see what it kinda looks like.

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More pictures will be uploaded shortly. Stay tuned and as always thanks for your support! I have a few shows coming up this month, I will keep yall posted on that asap!

Shout outs to everyone involved: DPD, Paul Sun and the Social Trust, Sunn Wee, Lanny Joon, Bobby “Big Phony” Choy, Peter Kim, Shane Yoon, Justin Chon, Bobby Lee, Lillian Ng, Liah Kim, Ellen Ho, Peachies, Mina Yoo, Arden Cho, Lina So, Tongdak, Jason Hampton, and a hundred or so more people. Thanks for your hard work!

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Its the beginning of August so pretty soon I will announce the winners of the best comments of the posts for the month of July. My team (my assistant) and I will be re-reading the comments on the website and pick the best comments. So stay tuned for that!

Now, for those that don’t know, there is a website that basically is getting a lot of heat because it allows users to upload a “roast”. There is a lot of haterade going on, especially on the internet. I was wondering when my fat mug would make it on the site because I know there are tons of people that hate me. Well last week, someone put my mug on there:


I am all for freedom of speech. I am glad that it wasn’t anything crazy. Some of the roasts are pretty fucked up. Not because I know a lot of the people being roasted but rather some of them are downright fucked up. And if I think something is fucked up then it must be truly terrible. I saw one post where this dude posted pics of his ex girl sucking his dick, cumshot included.  Although, I think its stupid for chicks to let themselves get photographed while they are doing the genital tango. Especially, when they dont want that shit leaked out for the world to see. I think it should be common courtesy for a dude to not release shit like that. Now if the chick was a porn star, I might let it slide because her vagina is out in the open all the time.

Anyways, there are other posts that might affect peoples lives and that shouldnt be the case. The internet is one scary motherfucker. I will say this though, the site is mad addicting to read through.  So if you have time to kill at work check out

Next I was asked to MC a wedding. Normally, I don’t do this type of gig because I dont have much wedding material and I don’t like the idea that I might be able to ruin a wedding day because of my crassness. But the wedding was for my buddy Lazy Swayze and Sarah.


Even though I shit on people all the time, I would like to say congrats guys! The wedding was damn beautiful. It also helps that lots of the guests were buddies.

MVP of the night had to be Sarah’s Mom. She was rocking out on the dance floor all night long. You haven’t lived until you see a middle aged Korean lady in a hanbok rocking out to Soulja Boy! True story!

One More thing! Check out my buddy Big Phony!

That is all for now. I am going to bed its been a hell of a week.

Go get my dvd! I need to eat this week! Thanks!