Ktown Cowboys…

I have been working on a movie project. I started writing the script with my buddy DPD in October and we are pretty much done with shooting it. Now all we need to do is edit the hell out of it. It was a crazy learning experience. This is the biggest thing I have ever been involved with.

I have been infront of the camera a few times in my life for movies, sitcoms, sketch comedy shows, but this is the first project that I had a hand in creating and executing. I didn’t know it took all that work to get it done. Facking crazy. Looking at the footage recently, I got excited. I am trying my best to get it done asap to show yall. In the meantime, here are some pictures to so you get to see what it kinda looks like.

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More pictures will be uploaded shortly. Stay tuned and as always thanks for your support! I have a few shows coming up this month, I will keep yall posted on that asap!

Shout outs to everyone involved: DPD, Paul Sun and the Social Trust, Sunn Wee, Lanny Joon, Bobby “Big Phony” Choy, Peter Kim, Shane Yoon, Justin Chon, Bobby Lee, Lillian Ng, Liah Kim, Ellen Ho, Peachies, Mina Yoo, Arden Cho, Lina So, Tongdak, Jason Hampton, and a hundred or so more people. Thanks for your hard work!


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