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Last time we did a show like this, I got my chest waxed. Aren’t you curious what we can come up with for this show?


We are interviewing Dumbfoundead. He is a talented rapper and if you dont believe me go check out some of his battles on youtube. Pretty Nasty! (Thats a good thing for you folks that don’t understand my way of talking)

Here is one of the clips of him being pure nasty:

YouTube Preview Image

And guess what, TALKIN ISH has its own page of FR*A site. Check us out at Its gonna be a fun show. Trust me!

Oh and check out our TALKIN ISH promo.

YouTube Preview Image

Shout outs to Peachies for the editing.

Anyways, tune in and ask questions to any one of us on the chatrooms. You might never know, something ridiculous might happen again for this show!

Oh yea and remember to keep the comments coming on the site. Since this is linked to my facebook, got comments on facebook but you will not be eligible for a free dvd unless they are posted on!


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Being an Asian American and being a comedian makes me a member of this group. I have a lot to say about what problems people in this group face. So here it goes:

1) Hate from our own people.

I guess Margaret Cho would be the perfect example for this. Even til this day, Margaret doesn’t get that much love from her own people. I honestly cant narrow down the reasons for this. Maybe its her raunchy material, Maybe its her failed TV work, maybe its her tats. The fact of the matter is she does not get much support from asian america.

margaret_cho(She is Wang Noona of Asian American Comedians. Much Respect!)

It really saddens me to see this because you can be a fan of her work or not, but there is no doubt she is one of the first Asians in this country to get her hour comedy special and travel the country. She is truly a pioneer and I for one am a fan of all that work and hustle. Without her there would be no way for any of the asian american comedians to be where they are at now.

Daniel Dae Kim is another example of this. When Lost first came out, people didn’t celebrate the fact that an Asian American was on a hit prime time show. Rather, there were a lot of Koreans talking shit about how his korean was terrible on the show. I have heard with my own ears people saying he was a loser. Really? I wish that people understand that this business is not that easy. It is one of the hardest fields to break into and maintain. A lot of us are doing what we love to do, while most of the haters are probably stuck in a shitty job just trying to make the bills. Look, there is nothing wrong with you doing work. But it is a problem to me when you are selling cell phones or working as a receptionist at a law firm and you shitting on us. I am quite certain your dream job is not to answer phone calls and file paper work. So relax and celebrate the fact that some of us are on TV and movies.

daniel-dae-kim(Good Korean or Not you are damn Sexy holmes!)

2) Lack of Support

Entertainment is a passion for us but it is also a business. Comedians don’t get gigs at theaters just because they are funny. They get booked because they put asses in seats. Same goes from musicians and actors. Movies are a business. So or tv shows. Sure you may think you rather not spend the 20 dollar cover at a comedy club or the 10 dollars at a movie theater on opening weekend, but if asian americans comedians dont fill comedy clubs, theaters, and arenas then we will never get big. Sure there are avenues that even without a big initial fan base people can reach some sort of fame, but that is nearly impossible. This blog is not meant for me to ask you guys to come to every one of my shows. I can really care less if you do or not. But I just want to explain that if some of you really want to see asians do it big in all aspects of this business then yall need to support. There are people already out there making it without the help of asians.

Ken Jeong, has been in many movies in the last couple of years. I have met Ken many times and he is so deserving of all his success. Sure you can talk about his cock size in Hangover but he is truly doing it big. Big shout outs to my man Ken Jeong. He is in a new movie coming out with Jeremy Piven soon. So check that shit out.

ken_jeong(Ken you are one of the funniest fuckers out there!)

Also if you want to show asian pride, how about not just showing up for the World Baseball Classic or the World Cup. Show up on opening weekend if someone asian american has a big role. Show up to comedy shows when some asian american comic is on the bill. Go tell  your local radio stations to play some tracks from your favorite asian american musicians.

3) Loosen the Fuck up.

Most of the hate mail I get is from Asian Americans. They believe that I am not setting a good example for the next generation of kids out there. I dont tell jokes wondering if I am setting a good example. Really, the only people setting good examples for children should be their parents. Fucking raise them right. Every “raunchy, racy” joke I tell, I will have asian americans cringing and some are compelled to write me emails saying I should be ashamed of myself. Most of my material are true stories that I have experienced. Yes, I have been to a shady massage place. Yes, I drunkenly pissed on a bum. Yes, I have pulled out anal beads out of a chick and she shat. I am actually not creative enough to come up with shit, I just like retelling stories of my life and situations i have been. I am just keeping it as real as possible.

Asians have been bitching a lot about things. Like the Miley Cyrus “chink eye” picture to Abercrombie’s shirt that said  “2 wongs dont make a white” Some things are racist in my eyes but the shit above really didnt bug me. Honestly, I was kinda annoyed that people were so pissed off about that. The Tsunami song was fucked up. But the Miley Cyrus thing wasnt bad. Pau Gasol’s picture for the Spanish Basketball team wasnt fucked up. Really, pick your battles or we will just look like whiney bitches.

miley_cyrus(Message to Asian Dude in the the picture. Please go punch everyone in the picture and then punch yourself. Thanks!)

I am sure some of you were looking for funny in this post and I apologize. I am currently at a cafe in Koreatown and when I went to take a piss, the toilet already had some other dude’s shit nuggets. Learn how to flush you fucker! Sorry I was upset and I had a brain fart.

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I have been doing a decent amount of interviews and people usually ask me who are my inspirations in stand up comedy. Usually, I just rattle off the answers without much thought but today I started really thinking about it and here are the people that in some way shape or form got me to where I am in the comedy business.

1) Bernie Mac

bernie-macI saw Bernie Mac on the Def Comedy Jam serious when I was a kid. I was just buggin out because half the time I didn’t know what the hell he was saying. But it was his swagger and confidence that really impressed me.  There is a story about his first def comedy jam appearance. So the guy before Bernie Mac was totally bombing and if you dont know how a black crowd acts then watch Showtime at the Apollo. They will boo the living hell out of you. I have been booed by an all black audience once. It sucked! Anyways, no one knew who Bernie Mac was. He was pretty known in his hometown of Chicago but in NYC he was relativelt unknown. So since the guy before him bombed, the crowd was getting restless. Bernie Mac comes on the stage and says ” I aint scared of you muthafuckas! DJ Kick It!”  That is some nutty shit! Here is pure Bernie Mac goodness. REST IN PEACE!

YouTube Preview Image

2) Dave Chappelle

dave-chappelleDave Chappelle was one of the main reasons I wanted to do stand up comedy. In the beginning of college, my buddies taped a copy of Dave Chappelle’s Killing them Softly. Sure I saw Dave on def comedy jam and everyone knows him from Half Baked but I never really saw a set like Daves. It was so good to me because it had so many layers of funny. That is what I think sets apart Dave Chappelle from a lot of comedians. He can tell a story that not only is funny on the surface but it has social commentary in it.

The personal story of Dave I have is quite random. I was filling in as a host at the Laugh Factory. This was when Dave went to Africa and everyone was saying he was crazy. Anyways, I am on stage doing a little stand up. Now I was at the Laugh Factory everyweek at that point and I was doing pretty well. I thought I was pretty damn good. Anyways, the manager of the club comes running in and she is motioning for me to get off stage. I was thinking what in the hell is she is doing. She motions to the back and I saw Dave Chappelle and he wanted to get on stage. If you don’t know about the comedy business, if a star like Chappelle makes an unannounced set, he going on stage. No time limit as well. Anyways, when I bring up Dave Chappelle, the whole place shook. It was nutty. He got on stage and did a 40 minute set. I was completely humbled. He KILLED! After the set, we chatted for a while and he imparted a lot of good advice to me about this business. He is a good dude.

YouTube Preview Image


pkA lot of you know PK as the founder of Kollaboration. They started off a small talent show to something really huge now. PK was been a big reason I have been in the stand up comedy. I met PK when I was in college. I was Junior at UCLA and I was at a banquet. He was running a little late, and they asked me to fill in. He saw me perform for a little bit and we talked. At the time, he was hosting Asian Night at the Laugh Factory. He did that for 3 years. Crazy talk! Anyways, PK got me much stage time. From gigs at the Laugh Factory to gigs at Kollaboration. He also encouraged me to do stand up full time.  So Mom and Dad, you know who to blame.

PK’s passion for empowering asians and his work ethic is something that all people need to learn from. Check out his websites:

4) Bobby Lee


Bobby Lee is a very influential to me. I met him when I competed in Kollaboration. Bobby asked for my number and he called me. He said he needed someone fat and retarded looking for a sketch on MadTV. That sketch turned out to be more than a one time thing. Because of him, I have been on MadTV for about 10 episodes. He also got me my first commercial agent. You can say what you want about Bobby but outside of Margaret Cho, he has been in the limelight for a long time. He is truly a hall of famer in my book.

Once again, this is my list of people that have somehow affected me and inspired me to be where I am.  Remember, to leave your comments for you chances to win my dvd for free!


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Last week, I was asked to do an interview for I was introduced to David, through my buddy Eunice, my assistant. David, it turns out is one of the many kids I taught Taekwondo to. It is pretty crazy to see some of the kids that I taught all grown up.

Click on the picture to read the article.


Go Check Out!

Next, my team and I decided to have a little fun and give away some dvd’s to my loyal readers. So check it out!


A couple of days ago, I did a set at the Pasadena Icehouse. Its been a while since I have been on stage at the club and it feels good to be back at the Icehouse. It was for a charity event for the YMCA. It was fun times. Shout outs to all those folks that came thru. Shout outs to Peter Hong, Denkym, Jenny, Grace, Judy, Karen, and the other folks that rolled thru.

icehouserichardRichard was at the show. Damn this puto looks like me!

icehousejudyMy former Taekwondo Student Judy! All grown up. Damn I feel old.


Jenny and I just showing love to our homies, FM.

Grace is afraid of me. I know she is!

Well that is all for now. I leave you with something that made me smile today. For those that don’t know, my buddies DPD, SUNN, and Yongstar were in a band a while back. I met them together when they were a band. Well I got to see one of their old music videos and I had to post it up. Shout out to Peachies for uploading this badboy!

YouTube Preview Image

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I am annoyed quite easily, but I tend to keep my emotions and words to myself but as a form of catharsis I would like to tell you guys what annoy the living shit outta me. These are not in any order. They equally annoy me.

1) Namedroppers

Being in LA, I have met a lot of name droppers. They should all die. Look, I dont care that you are friends with someone that was in a movie. I dont care that your mom works for some famous. I was at a bar hanging out with friends and friends of friends.  This dude comes up to me and says he is an actor. “Oh cool” I replied. “What project are you working on?” I asked politely (I really didn’t give a shit). He responds that he isn’t even supposed to talk about it. But he says ” I dont know if you know them but have you heard of Harvey Weinstein? Yea, he is producing it.” I really wished he would fall on broken glass.

2) Internet Shit Talking

Please look at the pictures below.



That’s all I gotta say about that.

3) People that say they won’t order anything at a restaurant but when the food comes they take some from everyone else’s plates.

I know a few people like this. They say they aren’t hungry. Really?! Then why the fuck are you at a restaurant? This is just a sign of people cheap and shady all at the same time. They are being chady. Get it? Cheap + Shady. Nevermind its late. All I know is that next time someone pull this shit, I am going to pull out leather gloves and slap the fuck out of them.

4)Ugly girls that think they are hot

Look, confidence is always great but being delusional is a problem. I aint the best looking dude in the world and a lot of you will say well you dont have the right to call someone ugly. I completely disagree. I know ugly better than most. I don’t go out there thinking I am gods gift to women. All I am saying is, if you are a female that is about 5’2 weighs about 135lbs then you aint got no business wearing low rise pants. You don’t need to be at the pool with a 2 piece bikini. Thongs are really not needed.

And if you are a busted female, you dont need to be pretentious and snobby. That just doesn’t make sense. Be nice because that is the only way someone might want to have sex with you. That and a handle of whiskey.

5)Shitting right after a shower.

This happened to me this morning and I have been in a foul mood ever since. Its like all that work of cleaning your body was for naught. Dammit! And since you came out of shower, things are a little moist and now you gotta use a ton of tp to clean out that sloppy, damp, shitty ass. Ugh! Or you gotta go into the shower again. I chose option A. Im in idiot, I know.