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Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died today. I don’t know much about Farrah Fawcett so I really dont have anything to say about her. I have a lot to say about Michael Jackson tho.

Michael Jackson was actually the first person I liked on the radio. I remember listening to that song Bad on repeat. My parents didn’t get it. Then came the Dangerous album. That was pretty much on repeat too. The thing is, Mike was pretty much the baddest muthafucka on the planet when I was a kid. Dude could dance and by far is one of the sickest dancers in the history of performing artists.

You dont think so? Check this out:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Best entertainer ever!

Now the later part of Mike was a lil crazy. From all the lil boy touching scandals to his plastic surgeries. He was the but of countless jokes by not just comedians but also just normal everyday people. I wont lie, I had me a couple of Mike Jackson jokes in my arsenal. However, I secretly wanted to meet the guy.

No one could possibly be sane after the type of career he had. Since he was a kid, this dude was been in the lime light. And no not like Olsen twins, but many thousand times that. I am sure all this fucked him up. But then again all geniuses are usually fucked up.

I will miss Mike because he represented a big part of me growing up.  You can add your Mike Jackson child molestation joke here. You can like him or not but the man is damn influential. So Mike, if you are reading this, you will be missed.

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Yesterday was an interesting one. My buddy IZreal was doing an interview for my other homies, FR*A. I was asked to help with the interview to add a lil spice.

So I get to FR*A offices in Downtown and it was a damn party!


Me Trying to do My Best Imitation as a Korean Gangsta. FAILURE!

This was an opportunity for people to get to know IZ. Anyways, I make a bet with the co-host. I tried to do a lil freestyle. And I lost… Grinch( the co-host) told me that I needed to wax my hairy chest if I suck. I agreed and well I lost. So I got my chest waxed. That shit hurt.

fra_becky-wuBecky Woo Woo! She was supervising with people ripping hair off my chest.

fra_my-chest-beforeThis is what my Chest Looked Like Before! Yes Sexual!

fra_grinchGrinch waiting to inflict pain on me.

fra_dpdDPD getting his Spielberg on

fra_dumbfoundedDumbfounded was in the Building.

fra_mikeMike from Tatum Jones filming!

fra_david-choiDavid Choi, he took a crack at my chest too. Did it slow, jerk!

fra_nippleThats from the nipple. That fucking hurts!

This is a clip of the whole interview.

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For all those people that were dying to see the show in Burbank but couldnt make it, here are some clips from the show:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Check me out at Irvine Improv tonite! Show starts at 11PM. Its gonna be bananas!

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Before I get to my usual rant about something crazy I just wanted to invite everyone to a show I will be at. It will be at the Irvine Improv.



June 20th (11pm)


Irvine Improv

71 Fortune Drive.

Irvine, CA


Because the show is gonna be awesome.

And for all you cheap asses:

Get on the guest list by hitting up Black Mike at Be sure to leave your first and last name plus number of guests. First 50 to respond will get FREE admission so act now!!!


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This past Friday (5/29/2009) I had my show at in Burbank. I was pretty stressed out about the turn out because online ticket sales weren’t so hot and I realized that the Lakers were playing the same time! Damn you Lakers for KILLING the Thuggettes on the same day. 

So this meant, alot of people were gonna sit at a bar or at home to watch the game. It showed in the turnout. The show was at half capacity…=(  But nevertheless, I knew I had to give the people in the audience a good show. They came all the way to Burbank to see me. 

So the day of the show, I wake up coughing and feverish… What a great time to be sick?! Last year, my phone decided to stop working during the day of my DVD taping. This time, my voice and nose decided to stop working. So I get up, and go to the trusty Theraflu.

therafluDoesn’t Fix Shit!

So I gulped down pretty much the shitty Theraflu concoction. It just made me feel sicker. I went to the bathroom to get the phlem out of my throat. I tried everything. I tried spitting it out. I even stuck my finger down my throat channeling my days as a bulimic. However, I couldnt get any of it out. 

Then I took a trip to the nearby Ktown landmark called Saan. They are known for their abalone porridge. I bundled up and decided I was gonna sweat this badboy out. I dusted the porridge and I was sweating like hooker in church. The waitress in the restaurant looked at me like I was a freak.  But the food did make me feel a lil better.