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Peter Jae comes through for another episode. We get an email about asian americans in the entertainment business and Peter starts getting his Martin Luther Kim on. Take a listen if you were ever curious about the real grittiness of the entertainment business.

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The boys are joined by our good friend Peter Jae. Here are some of the topics covered:

Peter’s experiences in Hong Kong,

Trying to tell Chinese, Korean, and Japanese Apart,

Some of our favorite spots to eat in LA,

Our love for spam,

Peter’s insecurities when he was a kid,

Stories about singer/songwriter/good friend Bobby.

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“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

It seems to me that the majority of people around me are not happy with their lives. Every day there is someone on my facebook time line that complain or leave some emo ass status about how their life sucks because they are pulling long hours at work, traffic, their computer crashed, their recent break up with their significant others, etc.

Let’s start off by saying it is virtually impossible to be happy all the time.  The reason for this is due to the greediness of humans. A lot of people live life with a life checklist. I want to make a lot of money. I want a significant other that is super attractive, smart, kind, caring, and loves me unconditionally. I wanna live in a big house with 2 sexy ass cars parked in the garage. There are a plenty of other shit that you probably have on your shitty “Happy Checklist”.  Let’s say you mark off everything on your checklist, you most likely wont be happy. Why? Because you always want more.

Looking for happiness in that way is like looking for pussy in Turkish bathhouse.

I used to make decent money as a consultant back in the days. If I stayed, I would probably making a comfortable living right now. Yes having money will help out. Being poor fucking sucks. Worrying about bills and being on a budget always sucks. Buuuuuut. Having money doesn’t necessarily mean you are gonna be happy. Does a new expensive handbag really make you happy? Does having a hundred thousand dollar car really make you happy? Sure it’s cool. Drive around in a Ferrari and have every body looking at you and treating you proper at the valet.

Then a motherfucker with a nicer more expensive car will come through and now all them people that were giving you props will ogle at his car. So you are there with the second nicest car in the lot. And in all honesty, you don’t want to be second place. Now you aint as happy as you used to be, cuz you aint getting that attention.

It’s like girls with that continually are in pursuit of being the prettiest they can possibly be. Plastic surgery, the nicest clothes, the expensive brand handbags are all things these girls gravitate to in order to achieve beauty. I get it. I totally understand that you want every guy to wanna be with you and other chicks to be jealous of you. Trust me it’s the same shit as the car analogy above. Buuuut in all honesty there will always be someone hotter than you. And as you get older, your ranking in the pretty contest will continue to drop. That’s just life. Sure keep on getting your nails done and get skin care.  But don’t think that it’s the most important thing.

I’m not saying I’m some sort of hippie muthafucker either. Yea I too want material things. I want my future wife to be caring, sweet, pretty, etc.  Buuuut all that shit is relative. Sure I want to make a lot of money so I can live comfortably. Not just for me but also for my family and friends.

I am definitely not doing as well I used to financially. Im definitely in a different tax bracket. Sure I have friends that have great families of their own, drive nice cars, and make a decent comfortable living. And I won’t lie, there are many times when I do envy them. But I also know that they get their own set of problems that I probably wont ever know about til I have a family of my own.

So after what’s the point of all this? The point is that may be we are looking for happiness in all the wrong places. Everyone is different so I won’t give you a tutorial on how to attain it. Quite frankly, I am also seeking happiness. And my attempt at this is to completely disregard my checklist. I threw that shit in the trash bin and clicked on delete forever. Don’t get me wrong, I still have quite a few goals that I still wish to attain but I realized instead of just looking at these goals, maybe you should stop and “smell the roses” so to speak. You can trash me for using a shitty cliché. But I honestly believe it.

I wanna wish retroactive abortions on those people that say shit like life isn’t fair. Life is the fairest things possible because YOU don’t deserve a damn thing. I will type it again. YOU DON’T DESERVE A MUTHAFUCKIN THING! People tend to over value themselves and hence they believe they deserve all these great things but be honest with yourself.

I was writing at a café when I overheard some chick tell her friend that she deserves better than then her current boyfriend. And I am going to start off by saying, I don’t know what their relationship is like but the her complaints about her boyfriend seemed to be the typical, he isn’t making that much money, he aint as good looking, I don’t find him attractive garbage. Again I closed my eyes and pleaded for a retroactive abortion on these chicks.

Why does she deserve better? Is she the smartest, prettiest, nicest, sweetest, richest chick? I highly doubt it. Instead of being thankful that some dude is with her and dealing with all her shitty baggage and expectations, she complains and wishes for something better. She’s like a C student wondering why she didn’t get into Harvard. It’s because you don’t deserve shit you dumb cuntasaurus.

As Einstein said, its insane to do the same shit over and over again expecting different results. And quite frankly for the majority of my life, I was one insane dumbass. So it’s time for some changes. Not just in what I do but how I think. Maybe some of you should make some changes too because quite frankly, its fucking annoying to hear about how shitty your life is. I don’t really feel bad that things aren’t going your way. I feel bad at how much of a monumental idiot you are. And here is one more thing. Most people around you feel the exact same way I do when you vent on facebook about your shitty day.  And all those pity responses and likes you are getting really don’t mean shit in the long run.

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On this week’s episode of the EFFIT Podcast, we talk about:


Denkym’s recent casting call experience,

Danny’s recent trip to the Room Salon,

Danny got super drunk and threw up on his laptop,

Taking the SATs high,

Stupid Young Girls,

Petty Ex Girlfriends,

Crappy Martial Arts movies on Netflix,

Adopted Koreans finding their birth parents.

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Sorry for the delay. Danny threw up on his computer and well his computer is no longer in commision. Here are the topics covered on this episode:

Question of the week,

Street Fighter Videos,

Super Mario Brothers,

Danny’s encounter with a Comedian from Korea AKA GAGMAN,

Hollywood dynasties,

People’s tipping policies,

Remakes of movies.

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