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The boys were recording for many hours for this one. We definitely sound delerious and pretty lit the hell up. Here are some of the topics covered:

Vice TV

Spring Breakers

Denkym finally has sex in his new apartment,

Danny’s new fob biness

Danny’s new outlook on comedy,

Danny’s days as a business consultant,

Headright’s fondness of Disney shows,

Headright story about fighting a chick,

and much more.

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In this week’s episode, we haveformer ISA Weekly host TC come through.  Headright was about 5 drinks deep before the show even started. This episode could also be called TC and her 3 life mentors.

Some of the topics covered are:

TC’s love for marijuana,

Weed Mentors,

Our first time getting high,

TC’s views on threesomes,

TC plays a game of Would You Rather,

Lucid Dreaming,

Plastic Surgery in Korea

And Much more…

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This one was recorded the day before Danny left for his Korea trip. Topics covered in this episode are:

Fighting Elephants,

Denkym’s friend’s super bad trip,

Diet vs. Exercise,

Worst Places to Masturbate,

Denkym’s recent trip to Norway,

Georgia Guide Stones,

High School Stories,

And much more.

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What up! I just wanted to give all you folks in Korea info to 3 shows I have out there.


MAY 11- Seoul


May 17th- Seoul

may17th show


May 18th-Busan


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The boys have on Musician and Denkym’s neighbor, Old Gold, on this episode. The guys talk about a lot of random shit once again. Some of the topics covered are:

Old Gold’s Music,

Hustling in the Arts,

Danny and Denkyms New Kpop Boy Band Idea,

Psy’s New Music Video,

Star Trek and Reading Rainbow,

Denkym’s potential booty call,

Movie Talk,

Zombie Apocalypse,

Boston Bombings,

Secret Societies.

You can listen to Old Gold- Drugged Out Girls track at the end of the show.

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