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The boys sit down and really talk about a lot of random stuff. Here are a few of the topics covered:

R Kelly at Coachella,

Why Danny hates musicals,

Disturbing Foreign Movies,

We reminisce about Ninja Turtles.

Street Fighter Memories,

Crack Head Encounters in Downtown LA,

Kobe Bryant’s injury and  Sports Injuries,

Denkym introduces a new sport,

Danny’s Flava Flav encounter.



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In this episode of the Fuck It Podcast the boys talk about :

How they would raise their kids,

Figuring out how to come up with the racial hierarchy once and for all,

Dumb Internet Trolls,

Instragram Destroying Photography,

Taboo words,

Ethnic slurs and Racism,

Movies they cried in,

Danny rants about bullies,

And other random topics.

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Reggae Artist Rian Basilio joins the boys. Rian talks about growing up in Hawaii. They discuss Dog the Bounty Hunter. Rian teaches the boys some Pidgin. Rian then shares his plans for his book called the Dirty Kamasutra. He then talks about his experiences in the porn industry. The boys talk about public sex porn. Danny talks about his experiences playing Kim Jong Il. He then gets into his new youtube character. The boys talk about girlfriends who have a lot of guy friends. We then talk about cheating. Rian starts to talk about learning Karate as a child. The track at the end of the podcast is called Long Road to Zion by Rian Basilio and the Roosters.


For More information on Rian Basilio check out:

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The boys start off talking about motor boating. Denkym then starts to blame Danny and Headright for his fuck it levels being at an all time high. The boys of rant about gay marraige and psuedo activism online. Danny’s dislike of evangelism is revealed. Overall this one is really a rant about how terrible being PC is.


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The boys record in the afternoon for the first time. Headright breaks his straight edge streak and smokes! Danny was pissed about someone getting upset that he didn’t remember him, the pros and cons of 69. Denkym talks about Vice TV and Liberia. The legal age for sex. AIDS, the dead girl found in the water tank in Downtown LA, Denkym’s personal ghost story. Denkym talks about his Dad. Talking about random old childhood movies.  The benefits of marijuana. Headright talks about his time at Creative Recreation. He talks about a company he is involved in called Con Ap. Materialism and Designer products. Denkym pranks the guys at the end.