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So I left off with me sleeping at Royce and Richards place because South of Jersey was a dump! Sorry if you are from there but that place was just depressing. Anyways, so after we wake up and head for the Stanford Hotel. This place is a smack in the middle of KBLOCK in NYC. Thanks for the hook up Stanford Hotel! I like this place because it has a cafe right next to it and a 24 hours soup place on the other side. Perfect for hangovers. And at night there are old korean dudes in front of the hotel driving Lincoln Continentals wanting to take you to whorehouses around the city. Its definitely my kind of place.

So DPD and I check in and we call Kwon Sang Woo to tell him where we were. If you dont remember he was walking around Central Park while drunk and zero hours of sleep. Fucking weird I tell ya! Anyways, KSW gets to the hotel and just finds a bed and crashes. Dude can knock out anywhere. I have seen him sleep standing up. No joke! 


(ME, DPD, Kwon Sang W00)

I had to wash up and get all of the previous nights bad taste out of my mouth. I was tired but dammit I was in NYC with a day to just chill. So I did! After a few hours we made our trek to Neo Sushi. Neo Sushi is run by my good buddies Jensen, Royce, and Richard. I swear its probably some of the best fish I have ever eaten. If you are ever in the NYC area, go to Neo and tell them you are my friend. They will treat you right. I promise!


(Best Sushi in NYC for Sure! Neo Sushi!)

Everything is good there! And if you like Sake, they got a damn good selection. Trust me, I am an alcoholic. And for dessert, get the green tea tiramisu. Fucking delicious! 

So after eating a ton of food, we head out to meet my favorite cousin Esther. Yes for my other cousins that read this, I am sorry but Esther is my favorite. We head to this bar called Forbidden City. Its a pretty chill bar and I have been here many times. The folks are always pretty chill here. Good times! 

By the end of the night, I am pretty damn drunk. We head back to Ktown and shoot some pool. Eat some pizza and hotdogs. Pretty much we eat and drink like fatasses. And you guys should be proud of me. I didnt succumb to the Chicken Over Rice cart. I was tempted but I decided against it.


(Damn I want this right  now!)

 It was a good day of Relaxation but we needed to get up fairly early because the next day, we had to get to Philly on the Bolt Bus. 

boltbusThis bus was actually pretty dope!

The Temple experience will be in the next post!

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So after the Stonybrook show on Wednesday, originally the gang and I were supposed to get to NYC to get on a bus to Philly. From there someone from Rowan University was going to pick us up. Yes it was a complicated way to get there but there was no other way to get to South Jersey via public transportation. 

So we get up and Dave and Hanbom agree to take us to the NYC bus stop. To our horror, there was major traffic and there was no way we were gonna make the bus in time. In the middle of traffic, Dave said that he would take us to New Jersey since he didnt have anything to do that day. What a nice guy! 

So we stop by good ole Flushing for some koreanized chinese food. Jja Jang Myun and Jjam Bbong was devoured. I was surprised because the food wasnt that bad. See, in my mind, New York has good food other than Mexican and Asian cuisine. But this place wasnt that bad!

So after the lunch we head on a 3 hour drive to the south of New Jersey. Dave Woo drove like a maniac and there were many times I thought we were gonna die. Dave said that he is an aggressive driver but this was a lil more than aggressive. So instead of getting worried that we were gonna get into a horric accident, I just went to sleep. 

We got to Jersey about 3 hours before the show so we headed to the hotel that we were gonna stay at. It was the most depressing town I have ever been in. THere were like 4 funeral homes around the area. I thought for sure that we were gonna get lynched somewhere. The roads werent even asphalt. It was more gravel roads. Great I thought. This is going to be fun. We check into the ridiculously dingy Howard Johnson. Parts of the hotel were still being built! It was a great look!

I get to the hotel and just chill before we get to the show. Once at the campus, I was hopeful because the campus of Rowan actually looked nice. When I got to the venue of the show, I was hit with a bad feeling. The majority of the audience was Chinese or Mongolian FOBS. I was wondering, how I am supposed to communicate with these people if they dont have a firm grasp of the english language. On top of that there were kids at the show. Great I thought!

So the show starts and I am dying on stage. The only people laughing are the handful of white and black audience members sitting in the perimeter. I turned off the idea that I was gonna do well on stage and just sucked it up. Took the silent stares in the chin. After the show, I told the guys that we need to head back to the hotel immediately. Dave and Hanbom are with us and they were seeing if they can pick up some chicks at the show and bring them back to the hotel however, there would was a definite language barrier. No chicks to pick up we head back to the ghetto Howard Johnson.

Dave and Hanbom were a lil disappointed and a lil uneasy about staying in South Jersey. It was depressing to be there. So we all decided we need to get back to NYC. So we checked out of the hotel and went straight to NYC. It was 2AM when we left Jersey. This proved to be a lil problematic because we werent supposed to get to NYC til the next day to check into our hotel there. 

But I called the always dependable Richard and he let us all crash at his place.  Shout outs to Richard and Royce. But before we got to their place we had to make a quick stop. You guessed it. Chicken over Rice! 53rd and 6th next to the Hilton. Damn I love that shit so much. So the day wasnt a complete bust. 

So we get to Royce and Richards place in Chinatown. Of course I got them some Chicken over Rice too. It was the least I could do. We put our bags down and start devouring the food. Afterwards, beer and Makers Mark was brought out. We drank til the sun came up. Then my boy Kwon Sang Woo decides he wants to walk around Central Park. He was clearly drunk. But we didnt stop him because you just cant stop the force of nature that is KSW.  He left and we all slept at 9am. 

Shout outs to Dave and Hanbom for driving us there. Shout outs to Royce and Richard for the hospitality. Shout outs to 53rd and 6th Halal Cart. Shout outs to Rowan University for letting me know that sometimes we are just gonna eat it on stage.

Sorry I have no picture for this show. Kinda didnt need any reminders about that night.

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In July 2008, I did my first ever dvd taping. It was an hour show set of some foul bits about sex, race, and anything else I could talk about. Well I will have another show coming up in Burbank.

This will also be taped so please tell your friends! The show will be 15 bucks online OR you can buy a ticket and my DVD for 20 bucks! I suggest you buy them it online because the seating is limited and I guarantee that it will sell out!

There will be special guests at the show as well so please get your tickets! Go to the Store Section of this website to purchase tickets online. Oh yea and for you cheap asses that complain about parking, guess what, its fucking free! So come thru!

Shout outs to Jess Tongdak Kim for making the flyer and Cootie Studios for the photos!

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So I get back to LA from Hartford. I was dead tired but I knew that the trip was just beginning. I pulled another all nighter on tuesday/wednesday to get on a flight at 7AM! I better stop doing that early morning flight bullshit. This part of the trip was with my buddies DPD, who offered to be a videographer for the trip and Kwon Sang Woo, who offered to do jack shit. 

StonyBrook (4/15) 

So we get to the Airport just in time because Peachies drove us and she drives like a maniac. Good ole Virgin America. I have to say it is my favorite airline. The inside is always clean and the entertainment system is solid. Unfortunately, I didnt utilize the tv because I was knocked out for the whole trip to NYC. 

Once at JFK, my buddy Hanbom (Stonybrook) came to pick us up. Hanbom is a staff member at the Stonybrook KSA and also a member of the Stonybrook Rugby team. He is a big dude and has all his teeth. He is single too so ladies if you are interested in a big korean dude let me know. Anyways, it was a squeeze since we brought so much shit for this trip. Camera, tripod, 2 bags of merchandise, our clothes. We had to carry suitcases on our laps.  Thanks Jimmy for having the worlds dirtiest trunk. Haha. 

We get to campus with showtime about 2 hours away. We get to the food court and devour some whack ass sandwich. DPD was beat so he just found a random bench and went to sleep. He woke up with this old lady giving him a flyer about Jesus. I guess he looked like a drugged out runaway kid that has not found God yet. He did look kinda cracked out. 

So show starts and I am asked to host the show. It was an interesting show. There was rapping, singing, dancing, korean drumming, and Hanbom on the saxophone. The show was pretty fun and the students showed lots of love. After the show we went to this shitty dive bar for the after party. Lots of people from the show were there so they too showed some love. It was kinda fun. 


Jimmy is a Mexican who is also a part of KSA staff. Thats fucking awesome.

After the party, we went to our host’s place. Dave Woo, president of KSA, was kind enough to let us crash on his bed and couch.  Thanks to the KSA staff especially Hanbom and Dave for the hospitality. Good luck with the rest of the school year fuckers!

Up next, the disaster in New Jersey…

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This past week has been an action packed one. I did 5 shows in 4 different states. I met a ton of interesting people. Here is the recap:

Sunday (4/12) Wesleyan University

I pull an all nighter to get on a 6:20AM flight! I hate morning flights. I hate flights in general but this one was rough. I had a layover in Minnesota and then off to Hartford Connecticut. I hate Northwest airlines. How can you be on a 4+ hour flight and there isnt a tv. The flights were very turbulent. I was sleeping and I swore we landed 3 times but it was just the turbulence. I wanted to kill the infants on the plane that were crying. It was just not good. So after feeling like utter shit, I finally get to Hartford. Good ole Patrick from Wesleyan picks me up and takes me to the campus. We have Thai for lunch and the Pad See Ew wasnt that great but at this point if it wasnt moving, id eat it.
After the lunch, we had to campus and the venue that I am performing at was quite crazy looking. It was a basement room with no chairs. I stage that looked like a 3rd grader built and the feedback from the speakers kept on destroying the sound. The walls were covered in graffiti. I was told that earlier in the year Robin Williams performed there. So i figure fuck it, if Robin did it, Imma smash this bitch too. The show went well. I would say about 50-60 people sat on the floor while I talked about anal beads and gay babies. The kids were really cool.

After the set I went to the hotel that Patrick booked me. The good ole passport inn. The area around Wesleyan is an interesting one. Lots of woods and winding roads. It felt like the Blair Witch Project. I hung out with Patrick, his gf stephanie, and matt. They were cool folks. We ate a whole lot at around 2am. The highlight of the day was the security system of my hotel room. First of all it was the first hotel I have been in where I had to use an actual key to get in. Ancient technology. But the locking system was crazy. There wasnt a dead bolt. Instead I had to rely on:




I felt so damn safe. I am glad I made it outta there alive. Thanks Wesleyan especially Patrick, Steph, and Matt. It was fun times.

The next morning I left for LA but just to pick up merchandise and Kwon Sang Woo and DPD. The next part of trip will come soon!