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So I recently went to a brothel. I went just to there for research. I swear!!! So I get there and the Madam calls in the girls. Most of the chicks look like this:full_nightlife_girls_2

But one of the girls didn’t look like she was an extra in Ong-Bak. She looked decent and she happened to be korean. Perfect i thought. So the chick leads me to the room and before we are about to get down to the business at hand, I start talking to her. She tells me how she got to the brothel. Long story short, she is basically an indentured servant. She needs to screw her way to freedom. Her story really bummed me out, but  I paid money for the services. So the only way I can make this work is if I tell myself that I am getting her one step closer to freedom. After it was all said and done, I bounced and drove home. On the drive home, I started thinking about what I just did. I felt like I had a cause to fight for. I wanted to help free these women. I wanted to be like the Harriet Tubman of whores. I mean I dont got a railroad or anything but I figure I got a car. I can save these chicks one cum bucket at a time.

I dunno it was just a thought…

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Me and the good folks of Arowana Films decided to go find Kim Jong Il and ask him some things. He was a pretty cool dude!

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Ugly Kids

I was looking through some old pictures of when I was a kid. I was a damn adorable kid man. Look at me now though. Ughh. People are usually told they look like someone famous. I was told that I look like kim jong il. Nothing about that fucker screams good looking. Anyways, this got me to think. Most good looking kids, don’t turn out as good looking as adults. So I want my child to be on the uglier side. Because they have a better possibility of being better looking as adults. And the next reason is because they will not get kidnapped. Have you seen those have “have you seen me” flyers. Those kids are always cute. Personally, if I was a kidnapper, I wouldn’t want to have an ugly kid locked in my basement. Hell I wouldn’t waste candy on an ugly kid. I know this sounds fucked up but im just saying.

Kim Jong Il is sexy! He gets all the old ladies!

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Recently, I was in a short film and I experienced my first onscreen kiss. I was very nervous when I first read the script because I have never kissed for a film. So its time to film the kiss scene and im excited because the girl I get to kiss is really cute. So there is one scene where we start making out and then she ends up on top of me. As we do the scene, I am thinking about how embarrassing it would be if I popped wood. So I am thinking about all kinds of shit like Rosie O’Donnell, Ice Cream, Baseball. But a part of me wanted to kiss her longer so I would mess up on purpose. Or I would suggest kissing with more passion. Because even though it wouldn’t lead to anything, its not every day you have a hot girl riding you and kissing you.


If this is how I look on the bottom, then I am never letting a girl on top of me. Jesus Christ I look awful