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This is our train wreck episode. Headright walks in suuuuuuper drunk. He is being super drunk and not making any sense. Here are some of the topics covered:

Headright’s Ice Cube imitation,

Our experience at the Oddball Comedy Festival,

One of our listeners awful korean joke,

Headright wants to get married,

Denkym’s really crappy day,

Headright volcanos twice and makes another mess,

Trying to convince Headright to watch I guy I cup,

Recap of a recent fight in Ktown.

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After just randomly hanging out the boys sit down and record. He have Peter Choe, runs King of New York Pizzeria and Novel Café as our guest. We talk about:

How Peter and Danny met,

Danny and Headright’s recent run in with Homeless Crackheads,

Denkym’s encounter with a girl in Malaysia,

Mind Control,

Peter’s story about getting mauled by a dog,

Recent Weird Dreams,

Opening up the third eye,


Dumb people on the internet,

Answering some fan emails.

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Denkym is back from Istabul so the boys meet up and catch up. Some of the topics covered are:

Denkym’s experiences in Istanbul,

Danny and Headrights recent night of partying,

Danny and Denkym’s attempts at trying to be more positive,

Headright’s infatuation with Yao Ming,

Male asian pornstar,

Tony Jaa movies,

Discussion on Mental Illness,

Advancement in Video Games.

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The boys are joined by Tripmaster Monk.  The topics covered in this episode are:


How Denkym and Tripmaster Monk know each other,

Denkym’s crazy dream in Thailand,

US Occupation in Korea,

Tripmaster Monk’s encounter with the Chosun Ninja,

Taekwondo history,

We answer a listener’s email about his girlfriends rancid vagina.


We end with a piece by Tripmaster Monk called Battle Ctry.

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Denkym comes back from an 18 day trip abroad. We recorded as soon as he landed. Here are someone of the topics covered in this episode:

Danny’s recent frustration with Hollywood,

Denkym talks about the places he visited (Ukraine, Corsica, France, etc)

Radiation from Japan is affecting the US,

Danny and Headright imitate old Korean men talking in movie theaters,

Seeing your dad cry,

John McLane vs. Martin Riggs,

Danny talks about Ktown Cowboys Radio on Radio Korea AM 1540,

We read a fan’s email. He clowns on Headright.

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