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Sorry, I have been extremely lazy with updating and blogging. Here is the picture of week that got me laughing for a bit.


I know there are many pictures like this on the net but this one had me in stitches. But this is my take on Kanye.

I never liked the guy. I mean he had good music. He is a good producer. However, he always came off like an asshole to me. I am all for speaking your mind. Hell, I speak my mind all the time. But really. I am not familiar with Taylor Swift’s music or her video but I must say what he did was fucked up.  Kanye, if you are reading, please go sit down somewhere and not talk. You are an asshole and I hope you fall in a well or manhole or something. Thanks…

Now onto something that I haven’t understood for a while. I get prayer. I understand it. But I feel like sometimes its not a right time. I know people that are drunk out of their minds, and when they go for their late night dining, they pray before the meal.  I am always confused by this because what would you say to God drunk. I am sure you sound drunk already during the prayer. “Imma fucking destroy this grand slam breakfast right now, God. Thanks for inventing Denny’s and shit” If I was God, I would be like just write it down and tell me later bro.

I know quite a few Jesus-freaks are gonna email me on this one but it was just a thought. So relax.

I have a few college gigs coming up so look at the calendar and see if yall can make it out. First stop, Virginia Tech!

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So the good folks at Arowana Films and I decided a few months back on doing a sketch about Ktown girls. I love my korean american sistas but some of yall talk retarded. So here it goes:

YouTube Preview Image

Im hot I know… Go and comment and rate the hell out of that video please.

Thanks to all that Retweeted or put the video on their facebook pages!

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Lots of people think that this business and lifestyle is cake but its really not. Sure, I don’t have to go into a shitty ass 9-5. I don’t have to punch in and punch out but its really not all that fabulous. Being in this industry is not that fun at all. Let me give you and example:

My agent recently got me a commercial audition. There was no description of what I was supposed to do and no lines to memorize so I was like cool. This is gonna be easy. I get to the casting place and I look at directions and still nothing was clear. All I knew was that I had to hula hoop (I can’t hula hoop btw). Its something I never really got around to learn. Anyways, so I get called in. The casting director tells me to take off my shirt. I was a lil shocked because I didn’t think I had to suck cock to get the gig.  So I did and he points at a hula hoop and tells me to hula hoop topless. I swear I thought i was getting punk’d.  But I quickly realized that I am not famous so punk’d was out of the question. So here I am attempting to hula hoop. I didn’t do so hot. The casting director told me to stop and kicked me out of the room. So I get in my car thinking what in the fuck am I doing with my life.

There are tons of personal experiences about this industry that have made me a tad bit jaded.

In addition to the shitty everyday non glam stuff that I go through, there are times when you get to meet pretty big people in the industry. From musicians, actors, and comedians. I have noticed an alarming trend. There are a lot of fucking assholes out there. I won’t name names because that is never smart in this business but let me just say this. Popularity and fame are like bubbles. They will eventually pop. So for any asshole celebs that happen to get to read this post be humble. Remember the times when you had to struggle and all the people that have helped you along the way. You aint got no business being a fucking diva.  I have just been rubbed the wrong way by many people with some sort of fame.

I realize that people might read this and think i am bitter and maybe I am a little. I will say this. I love being on stage and making folks laugh. If I could perform everyday on stage then shit I would be content. I love the performance aspect of what I do. I love telling stories about my life. Its therapy for me.

While I say there are a handfull of asshole celebrities I have met, there are also a ton of great celebrities. Nice and down to earth people. I look at them and I am thoroughly happy that I got to meet these great individuals. It must be crazy for them because they are always photographed and always bombarded everywhere they go and yet they are nice folks. And to those people I say, thank you for being the inspiration to me. Thanks guys!

On to some pr for my buddies:


Slanted comedy has always been putting on great shows! Comics are always top notch and the crowd shows mad love. If you don’t have any plans tonight, I suggest you head over to the the Brea Improv and check it out. Lots of special guests will be there. Trust me, its gonna be an awesome show. Shout outs to Black Mike and Edwin. Thanks for the many shows you have booked me on. Good shit brothas!

Now onto Sunday.


International Secret Agents Show (ISA) is gonna be super duper bananas. First of all, all the acts are pretty fucking crazy dope. The show is already sold out! And the homies Fareast Movement and Wongfu Productions are throwing this muthafucka. I was at last years show and it was pretty nutty. This year I expect it to be even nuttier!

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Before I get into the shows this week, I wanted to vent about a shitty thing that happened last night. So, I was hanging with my buddy til pretty late. When I got to my car to drive home, I see that one side of my car was lower than usual. I look and one of my tires were slashed.

Changing a flat tire is a bitch at any time of the day, but its quite possible the worst in the middle of the night. If by some chance, the one responsible for my slashed tire reads this, I want I hope you go kill yourself. Thanks…

Ok now onto some my shows for the week.


I got booked to a show at the Spotlight Comedy Club. Its a club in Studio City. Its my first time there and I need your help. It would help out greatly if yall can come through to the show.



Produced by Spotlight Comedy Club
Time: 7:30-9:30PM
Cost: $10 (+1 Item Minimum)

The Spotlight Comedy Club is located inside the Aura Nightclub

12215 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604-2533
(818) 487-1488

I dunno the full line up but my buddy Rajiv is gonna be there as well! If you dont know this dude you are missing out. Dude has opened for a lot comics including Russell Peters, Jo Koy, Kevin Nealon, and plenty more. Check it out holmes! for info on Rajiv
“The Spotlight Comedy Club features 2 hours of Laugh Out Loud comedy. The show features an array of comedy personalities, including both professional and young talent. The show is a high pace and high energy show, so be prepared to laugh hard.”


Click on the Image for Tickets. Its gonna be an awesome show and there is going to be a Special Superstar Guests!!! Get your tickets quick cuz they gonna sell out soon!

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Im a fucking idiot. So last week I mailed out some dvd’s for the dvd giveaway winners and some dvd orders on my site. Yesterday, I looked at my mailbox and realized I switched the To: and From: locations on the envelope. So basically, i paid postage to mail something to myself. Im the brotosaurus of idiots. Sorry for the lag on the dvd’s guys. My bad!

I should go punch myself in the face!

Ok well after many months of nothing, I present to you everyone’s favorite crazy leader, Kim Jong Il!

YouTube Preview Image

Let the shit storm begin!

Shout outs to Pedro Kim, Peachies, Tongdak, Gina Grad, and Chung An. Was a fun shoot and thanks for doing it on such a short notice. Special shout out to Peachies for being an editing monster that she is. Woot woot!

My boy IZ just dropped a single. If you don’t know about him, go fall on a rusty nail and then click on the picture to check out the single.


If you want to get more info on IZ go to: Sseng u!

Now onto my upcoming shows:

This coming sunday!


There is going to be industry folks at this show so please come thru and support. I need to seriously kill this show! Thanks and if you want tickets let me know. Gracias!